Image: Oil and Gas Law Illustration.

You Don’t Have to Wait to Participate

The oil and gas program is designed to allow all students to participate the minute they arrive at Washburn Law. Many students actively participate in Center activities during their first year. The curriculum is designed so first-year students can take the Mineral Title Examination course, which includes an introduction to oil and gas law. This also equips our first-year students with an important skill as they compete for summer employment. It also allows for continuous contact with oil and gas law throughout the law school experience, and better prepares students to “hit the ground running” when they graduate.

Several student organizations provide additional opportunities to pursue oil and gas law-related subjects. The Washburn Oil, Gas, and Energy Law Society is the organization dedicated to the study of oil and gas law. This group works closely with Washburn’s Environmental Law Society, Agricultural Law Society, Real Estate Law Society, and Business Law Society. Oil and gas development implicates issues of importance to each of these groups; it is not unusual for students to be active in several of these groups. These organizations, combined with the other Center activities, provide a vibrant social network of students and lawyers dedicated to the study of oil and gas law and related natural resources law issues.