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Oil and Gas Law Course Offerings

Washburn Law has one of the most established and extensive oil and gas law programs in the nation, offering comprehensive courses that prepare students for the contemporary practice of oil and gas law. Distinguished professors and prominent scholars respected throughout academia teach the comprehensive curriculum that delves into all aspects of oil, gas and environmental law and land rights.

Current course offerings include:

  • Oil and Gas Law
  • Advanced Oil and Gas Law
  • Mineral Title Examination
  • Energy Regulation
  • Oil and Gas Conservation Law and Practice
  • Environmental Regulation of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Oil and Gas Taxation
  • Drafting Contracts and Conveyances
  • Externship in Oil and Gas Law
  • Independent Study in Oil and Gas Law
  • Directed Research in Oil and Gas Law

The core oil and gas law curriculum is supported by a complimentary natural resources law curriculum that includes:

  • Water Rights
  • Public Land Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Federal Indian Law

In addition, our professors regularly offer supplemental learning opportunities for students through partnerships with agencies, businesses, and organizations that are at the forefront of oil and gas law and natural resources matters.