December 2020 School of Law Recognition Ceremony

Updated: October 22, 2020.

Steps for a Successful Graduation

Step 1: BEFORE MARCH 31, 2020 - December 2020 Graduates turn in Application for Degree (15 KB PDF)

Step 2: OCTOBER 2020 - Sign up for a photo session with Wichers Photography for the Class of 2021 Graduate Composite

Step 3: Order Regalia from the Ichabod Shop (Optional)

  • Order online:
  • Regalia will be shipped directly to you. Standard shipping charges will apply.
  • Please make sure you have all your pieces when you receive your regalia package!
  • Regalia cannot be returned!
  • Cost to purchase a full set of regalia is $99.00 – regalia is not being rented this year.
  • After November 9th you are not guaranteed to receive your regalia in time!
  • Email regalia questions to

Step 4: NOVEMBER 2, 3, and 4, 2020 - Have your photo taken for the Class of 2021 Graduate Composite

  • There is a session fee of $30.00 plus tax (total is $32.75) due at your appointment.
  • Each graduate will receive an 11" x 14" print of the composite for this fee.
  • You may pay with cash, check or debit/credit card.
  • Wichers Photography provides regalia for the photo session.
  • A small amount of your clothing will show under the robe. Look at previous year composites to determine what is appropriate.
  • If you miss the November sessions you must have your picture taken by the end of February for it to be included in the composite.

Step 5: BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2020 - Submit the Graduate Information Questionnaire

Step 6: NOVEMBER 19, 2020 - School of Law Graduate Recognition Ceremony

  • Petro Allied Health Center, Lee Arena, Washburn University campus, 7:00 p.m.
  • Walk in full regalia.
  • Each graduate will be permitted to have a limited number of guests attend the recognition ceremony.
    • All guests will need to be registered.
    • All attendees must wear a medical grade mask (provided at the ceremony).
    • The Washburn University Vice President for Academic Affairs Office will contact December law school graduates with details about how to register guests.
  • The ceremony will be streamed live and recorded for those guests unable to attend in person (details to follow).
  • If you need to update your information after submitting the questionnaire, send changes to
Graduation Requirements
Graduation Checklists
  • LL.M. (73 KB PDF)
  • J.D. (100 KB PDF)
    Note: If you took a hybrid course or participated in a competition prior to fall 2019 these may fulfill J.D. requirements. See Donna Haverkamp with questions.
  • M.S.L

Upper Level Certification Forms:

Graduate and Employment Form
Graphic: Thumbnail image of the form to be completed by December graduating students.

If you need to update your information after submitting the form, send changes to

Putting On Regalia
Photograph: Professor Jeffrey Jackson demonstrating how to put on a tam and carry a hood.

Professor Jeff Jackson demonstrates
how to put on your tam and carry your hood.

Graduation announcements may be ordered from CB Grad online or call (800) 433-0296.

Class rings may be ordered from Jostens.

Contact Information

Questions regarding the Law School graduation events should be directed to:
Cory Payne, Commencement Coordinator
(785) 670-1185

Jo Hunt, Associate Dean for Administration
(785) 670-1859

Questions regarding graduation requirements should be directed to:
Donna Haverkamp, Student Records Administrator
(785) 670-1661