Computer Lab & Facilities

Library Computer Lab

The computer lab located on the 2nd floor of the Law Library is the primary location for individual student work. The lab consists of 14 workstations with dual monitors to help improve working efficiency. (Washburn Law Computer Use Policy)

Private Rooms for Watching Videos

The Law Library actively collects law related videos and DVDs to enhance the learning experience of our students. The library collects videos in three categories: instructional, documentaries, and popular movies. Instructional videos are primarily related to specific legal skills such as trial advocacy and legal research. The documentaries the library collects focus on legal issues, trials, and other issues of law. The popular movies collection contains fictional movies that contain legal themes. The library also maintains a small collections of videos related specifically to the Washburn University School of Law.

Videos may be watched by persons affiliated with the law school or the public using our Audio visual Rooms.

Students and faculty may check videos out of the library overnight. Limit one video per day when checked out Monday through Thursday, due the next day. Limit of two if checked out Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, due the following Monday.

Learn to use the video player:
  1. Slide the tape into the AV equipment.
  2. Press the power button on the small black box on top of the video player until it's green. Using the controls for the video on the left side of the equipment, press Play, and your video will start playing.
  3. When you leave, please rewind and eject the tape, then turn off the power. The power button will turn red.

Touch Screen Scanners

There are two touch screen scanners available on the 2nd floor of the Law Library. Items can be emailed, scanned to mobile device, or saved to the cloud. Instructions on how to use the scanners is next to the equipment.