Policy for Reporting Covid-19 Issues

August 28, 2020; updated September 3, 2020.

Students should immediately contact Health Services at (785) 670-1470 or email studenthealth@washburn.edu if they:

  1. Have even one COVID symptom on the CDC list
  2. Have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID
  3. Have been in close contact with someone who is symptomatic
  4. Are awaiting results of a COVID test
  5. Have been told their COVID test is positive
  6. Have traveled internationally or to a high-risk location domestically.

If any items on the list above applies to the student, the student should attend classes remotely until Health Services tells the student it is safe to return in person.

If #2 or #5 of the list applies to a student, the student should also contact Dean Mastrosimone at joseph.mastrosimone@washburn.edu.

See more details and list of symptoms at https://washburn.edu/student-life/health-safety/index.html.

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