Summary of University Travel Policies

As of May 16, 2008, the University amended its Travel policies with several new restrictions. Some of the more notable policies are:

  • Reimbursable mileage shall be the lesser of the mileage from the University or the traveler's home.
  • See the Personal Automobile Expenses section of the University's Travel Regulations & Procedures for the mileage reimbursement rate.
  • Whenever two or more are traveling to the same destination, ride-sharing or carpooling is preferred.
  • When a traveler is transported to and from KCI by someone in a personal vehicle, mileage and tolls will be reimbursed for one round trip plus the cost of long-term parking.
  • Reimbursement for parking at KCI is limited to long-term parking on airport premises.
  • Effective July 1, 2011, the "tipping etiquette" guide from will serve as the source for reimbursable tip amounts (click image to enlarge if necessary).
  • Meals are reimbursable up to $50 a day, but:
    • If the trip begins (1) after 6:00 pm, no meals are reimbursable; (2) between 2-6 pm, only dinner is reimbursable; (3) between 10-2 pm, only lunch and dinner are reimbursable.
    • If the trips ends (1) before 10:00 am, no meals are reimbursable; (2) between 2-6 pm, only breakfast and lunch are reimbursable; between 10-2 pm, only breakfast is reimbursable.
  • Meals included in a conference fee preclude reimbursement for the same meal eaten elsewhere.
  • Snacks are not reimbursable, unless the snack takes the place of a meal.

Revised 7/1/2011