Class E-mail, Discussions, and Rosters

MyWashburn permits faculty members to see their class rosters, send e-mail to the class, and have class discussions.

  1. Log into at with your name and password.
  2. Click on the Faculty tab.
  3. Click on My Courses in blue.
  4. Click on the title of the course you wish to access.
  5. On the left menu is Homepage Announcements etc. Use Members to see the names of the class members. To send an e-mail message, click on e-mail.
  6. To send a message to the whole class, click on select all and send e-mail. Use the box to type in a message. (You do not need to place anyone in the address part unless his or her name is not in the class list of the previous page). Click Send and all members of the class with a check mark will receive your message.
  7. If you wish your secretary/teaching assistant to be a member of the list, go to configuration tools on the left menu and click on members. Go to add members. Click on either teaching assistant or guest member. Put the name in the box and click "add" beside the name. The system will search for the e-mail address and a box will come up. Type a message explaining that you are adding the person to your class list. Your message will be e-mailed to the person immediately, and he or she will be able to e-mail your entire class.

For additional assistance, contact Jewel Makda at x1776 or