Faculty Committee and Administrative Assignments 2019-2020

Effective August 1, 2019; updated February 12, 2020.

Standing Committees

  • Admissions and Financial Aid:
    Glashausser (Chair); Matthews; Jackson, Jeff/Grant, Emily; Nicholson (non-voting)
  • Curriculum:
    Francis (Chair); Alaka; Kowalski; Griggs, M.; Mastrosimone; Student
  • Faculty & Academic Development:
    Judd (Chair); Rubenstein; Elrod
  • Faculty Recruitment:
    Alaka (Chair); Ewert; King; McMillan; Sourgens
  • International Legal Studies:
    McMillan (Chair); Kowalski; Sourgens; Rich
  • Law Journal:
    Duncan (Chair); Griggs, B.; Ramirez
  • Library & Technology:
    Rubenstein (Chair); Sneed; Miller; Ewert; Student
  • Pro Bono:
    Alaka (Chair); Chadwick; Hodgkinson; King; Student
  • Sabbatical:
    Elrod (Chair); Romig; Jackson, Jeff
  • Strategic Planning:
    Pierce (Chair); Westbrook; Mastrosimone; Ewert; Lowry; Leisinger; Student; Mickelson (alumni); Pratt ex officio

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Assessment:
    Mastrosimone (Chair); Bahadur; Griggs, B.; Grant (spring); Griggs, M.; Miller
  • Honor Code Review:
    Lowry (Chair); Duncan; Westbrook
  • Institutional Research and Analysis:
    Martin (Chair); Sourgens; Chadwick; Hunt
  • Diversity Committee:
    Bahadur (Chair); Martin; Judd; Jackson, Janet
  • Foth Award:
    Romig; Klinkner
  • Faculty Handbook Committee:
    Ramirez (Chair); Pratt; Mastrosimone; Glashausser; Sneed; Matthews; Jackson, Janet

Center Directors

  • Business & Transactional Law Center (BTLC): Westbrook, Boyack (Co-Directors)
  • Center for Excellence in Advocacy (CEA): Jackson, Jeff
  • Center for Law and Government (CLG): Rubenstein
  • Children & Family Law Center (CFLC): Elrod, Chadwick (Associate Director)
  • International and Comparative Law Center (ICLC): Martin, Kowalski (Co-Directors)
  • Oil and Gas Law Center (OGLC): Sourgens; Griggs, B. (Associate Director)

Competition Teams

  • Client Counseling Advisor: Francis and Leisinger
  • Moot Court Advisor: Jackson, Jeff; coaches: Hodgkinson, Klinkner
  • Negotiation Competition Advisor: Ewert and Leisinger
  • Trial Advocacy Advisor: Jackson, Jeff
  • Jessup Moot Court Advisor and Coach: Martin

Other Responsibilities

  • Academic Accommodation: Mastrosimone
  • Clinic Director: Chadwick
  • Externship Director: Leisinger
  • Academic Skills and Bar Passage: Griggs, M.
  • Honor Code Committee Advisor: Glashausser
  • Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (ILTL): Grant; Bahadur; Kowalski
  • International Legal Programs Director: Kowalski
  • Judicial Externship: Leisinger
  • Library Director: Sneed
  • Graduate Programs: McMillan
  • Republic of Georgia Project: Rich, Bahadur, Alaka
  • Rural and Agricultural Law Programs: Leisinger; Griggs, B.; (McEowen)

University Committees

  • Academic Calendar: Mastrosimone
  • Academic/Sweet Sabbatical: Elrod
  • Assessment: Grant
  • Athletics: Griggs, B.
  • Benefits: King
  • Commencement: Hunt
  • C-Tel Advisory Board: Grant
  • Curriculum Development Grants: Bahadur
  • Faculty Development Grants: Rubenstein
  • Faculty Senate: Pierce; Romig
  • Faculty Senate Electoral Committee: appointed by Faculty Senate
  • Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee: appointed by Faculty Senate
  • Graduate Council Committee: Mastrosimone
  • Honorary Degree: Davis
  • Institutional Review Board: Francis
  • International Education: McMillan
  • Program Review: Mastrosimone
  • Promotion & Tenure Standards: Duncan
  • Major Research Grants: Glashausser
  • Small Research Grants: Romig
  • Student Financial Aid: Nicholson
  • Faculty IT Advisory Council: Sneed
  • Online Education Committee: Sneed
  • Washburn Information Systems Advisory Council: Hunt

Ad Hoc Committees & Other University Responsibilities

  • University Behavioral Assessment Team: Lowry
  • Student Health Advisory Council: Lowry
  • Faculty Handbook: Ramirez
  • Educational Program Work Team: Lowry
  • Building Emergency Plan Committee: Lowry
  • University Accommodations Council: Mastrosimone