McEowen Presents Top Agricultural Law and Tax Developments

Photograph: Roger McEowen.Professor Roger A. McEowen presented to his yearly analysis of the top ten developments in agricultural law and taxation to Agricultural Law Society members and Business and Transactional Law students on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. McEowen's list focuses on nationwide changes, although a rare state decision made the list this year.

Some of the top developments include:

  • Donald Trump's election as President and the potential impact on agricultural and tax policy;
  • Pasture chiseling activity constituted discharge of "pollutant" that violated the CWA;
  • New Mexico Supreme Court decision obscures rational basis test to eliminate ag exemption from workers' compensation law.

Students also heard about some close calls that did not quite make the list and asked questions about both listed developments and other current legal issues. The legal system plays a large and increasing role in agriculture, and there is always plenty to discuss. See McEowen's complete top 10 list (139 KB PDF).