Ed Nichols Talks About Structuring Secrets of Business Combinations

Photograph: Ed Nichols presenting to Washburn Law students.Ed Nichols, '72, presented a Transactional Lunch to a small group of students on Friday, April 7, 2017. The students were introduced to mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations of small companies. To begin, Nichols presented a variety of reasons buyers and sellers choose to merge companies and some of the considerations that affect how they merge. He then walked the students through a letter of intent, which is a combination of binding and non-binding provisions that outline how the companies will accomplish the merger. Nichols also shared a Subscription Agreement, which is used to guarantee that investors understand their investment during private placement capital formation. Although the lunch only scratched the surface of mergers and acquisitions, it provided students practical exposure to an intriguing legal field.

Earlier in the day Nichols visited with law school faculty and staff during a "meet and greet" breakfast. He does significant international work conducting business acquisition and transactions and has several business interests in the oil and gas industry.