Support Staff Faculty and Administrative Assignments

A specific faculty member's support staff is listed on the corresponding faculty homepage.

Effective: August 1, 2017

Donna McMurry (extension 1662 / Office 202)
Deans: Tom Romig; Joseph Mastrosimone; Jalen Lowry; Jo Hunt
Other Responsibilities: HR support: Faculty, Adjuncts and Staff; Office Supplies; Faculty recruitment; Foreign travel; Postage machine; Student workers; Calendar backup

Penny Fell (extension 1669 / Office 301)
Faculty: Aida Alaka; Emily Grant; Burke Griggs; Marsha Griggs; Jeffrey Jackson; Tonya Kowalski; Mary Matthews; Joseph Mastrosimone (class); Bill Rich; David Rubenstein; Freddy Sourgens; John "Bo" Turney
Other Responsibilities: Adjunct professors; Writing competitions database; Assessment/Student learning outcomes

Shirley Jacobson (extension 1106 / Office 302)
Faculty: Rory Bahadur; Jim Concannon; Myrl Duncan; Linda Elrod; Alex Glashausser; Patricia Judd; Ali Khan; Craig Martin; Roger McEowen; Lori McMillan; David Pierce; Mary Ramirez; Amy Westbrook

Kerri Pelton (extension 1693 / Clinic)
Faculty: Andrea Boyack; Gillian Chadwick; Janet Jackson
Other Responsibilities: Law Clinic Cases; Examsoft; Faculty Recruitment

Brenda Smith (extension 1692 / Clinic)
Faculty: Michelle Ewert; John Francis; Randall Hodgkinson
Other Responsibilities: Law Clinic Cases; Washburn Law Journal

Gwyn Nelson (extension 2460 / Office 203)
Other Responsibilities: Receptionist (main phone); Building and facilities coordinator; Student travel; Faculty travel; Competitions - coaches and travel; Accounting assistant; Commencement coordinator; PROLoG timesheets; Textbook adoptions and desk copy requests; Memberships; Award plaques; Backup for Penny Fell and Shirley Jacobson

Donna Vilander (extension 1105 / Office 331)
Other Responsibilities: Centers for Excellence; Marketing (financial and programs); CLE events; Externships; Calendar coordinator; Speaker coordinator; CEA Banquet; Law Journal Banquet; Business cards; Name tags; Branded stationary; Sam A. Crow Inns of Court