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Tax and Estate Planning Association

The Tax and Estate Planning Association (TEPA) is a student-run organization. It enhances students' classroom education with experiential and service opportunities. For example, TEPA

  • Invites speakers to campus and organizes events off campus with tax and estate planning practitioners
  • Organizes employment workshops to help members better prepare for and manage employment-search efforts
  • Hosts the annual graduate tax program information seminar
  • Coordinates Tax Days with tax professional in the regional markets

Members of TEPA elect officers annually.

2012-2013 Officers

President: Amanda R. Walker is a third year law student from Kingman, Kansas. She graduated from Wichita State University. Amanda can be reached at amanda.walker2 [at]

Vice-President: Christopher M. Valentino is a third year law student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Kansas. Christopher can be reached at christopher.valentino [at]

Secretary: Eileen D. Ma is a third year law student from Fort Myers, Florida. She graduated from Walden University. Contact Eileen at [at]

Treasurer: Jesse L. Haller is a third year law student from Home City, Kansas. He graduated from Emporia State University. Jessee can be reached at jesse.haller [at]

2012-2013 Committee Chairs

VITA: Heather L. Gelsinger is a third year law student from Lenexa, Kansas. She graduated from Washburn University. Heather can be reached at heather.gelsinger [at]

Student Liaison: Calla M. Sprague is a second-year law student from Gifford, Illinois. She graduated from Wichita State University. Calla can be reached at calla.sprague [at]

LL.M.: Matthew J. Peterson is a second year law student from Leavenworth, Kansas. He graduated from Washburn University. Matthew can be reached at matthew.peterson [at]


  • Professional Advisor: Scott Taddiken is an attorney with Newbery, Ungerer & Hickert LLP in Topeka and practices in the areas of State and Federal Taxation, Estate Planning, and Business and Corporate Law. Scott received a JD, with a Tax Law Certificate, and an MBA from Washburn University and currently teaches as an adjunct professor with the Washburn University School of Business.
  • Faculty Advisor: Professor Lori McMillan