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Organization Funding and Financial Information


Financial questions about your organization should be directed to:

Funding Mechanisms

Student organizations are funded and reimbursed through the following mechanisms:

  • Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA) (allocated budget primarily through activity fees) [see below]
    • Contact WSBA Treasurer for reimbursement from allocated funds.
  • Agency Account (organization activities) [see below]
    • Organization treasurer completes financial transactions.
  • School of Law (jointly sponsored events with Centers, PDO, etc.) [see below]
    • Complete the "Request for Reimbursement" form (for non-travel related expenses) and provide the form to the law school department that authorized the expense.

This page also includes tips for traveling at law school expense to authorized activities [see below].

Chart: Three methods of student organization funding.

WSBA Allocated Budget Funds

Graphic: Thumbnail of WSBA reimbursement request form.For expenses and reimbursements that are to be paid with Allocated Budget funds, please complete the WSBA Request for Reimbursement form (available from WSBA on their website at and submit it to the WSBA Treasurer.

  • WSBA officers will prepare a Payment Voucher form to generate a check for reimbursement or payment to a vendor. Note that if the vendor does not have a W-9 on file with Washburn University's Purchasing Department, a W-9 will need to be obtained from the vendor (if vendors are on this list, you do not need to obtain a W-9). Reimbursements to students do not need a W-9. Find the W-9 list at
  • Signatures needed on Payment Voucher, as listed on WSBA signature card:

    WSBA Allocated Budget accounts
    Requestor: Treasurer AND Vice President or President
    Department or Area Head: Either Dean Jo Hunt or Dean Jalen Lowry.

GIFT CARDS: may be purchased for drawings, prizes, etc. Gift cards may not be used to give to individuals to purchase items for the organization.

Agency Account

General Information

  • Financial account administered through Washburn University, similar to a bank account
  • Agency accounts provide more flexibility, do not have the same restrictions as WSBA funds
  • Each student organization is assigned a two-part account code
    Fund: 800000 / Account: 29XXXX
  • Agency accounts that are inactive for 18 months will be closed
  • Monthly Activity Statements
    • Monthly statements are emailed to the people identified on the agency account signature card
    • If statement is needed at another time, contact the Washburn University School of Law's (SOL's) Associate Dean for Administration's office


Graphic: Thumbnail of student organization agency account signature form.Agency Account Signature Authorization Form—Student Organization (also known as a signature card.

  • Find the form at
  • Form to be completed annually to update officer information.
  • Identifies three officers and the faculty advisor authorized to make account withdrawals/changes
  • Completed forms should be submitted to the SOL's Associate Dean for Administration's office
  • The SOL will forward the forms to the Washburn University's Finance Office for processing

Disbursement Information

To obtain payment in advance or reimbursement from an Agency Account, complete a Payment Voucher form.

Contact the SOL's Associate Dean for Administration's office at least two weeks in advance for additional requirements and/or information, if any of the following are applicable:

  • a contract/commitment is to be made with a vendor and a purchase requisition or purchase order needs to be prepared or
  • speakers, performers, etc. are to be engaged for an activity or event when a check is needed in advance.

Payment Voucher Form Instructions for an Agency Account

Complete a copy of the University Payment Voucher form (47 KB Excel file). Paper forms are available in the second-floor lobby and are online at

Graphic: Thumbnail of payment voucher form showing sections that need to be completed.The form requires the completion of six areas of information and attachment of supporting documentation:

  1. General Information (top-right hand corner)
    • Enter the invoice number, invoice date, today's date and the invoice due date (if provided - if not leave blank)
  2. Payee Information
  3. Department Contact Information
    • Enter the SOL's accountant information + Agency Account Requestor in the contact information section.

      Department: Law School
      Contact Person: Julie DesRuisseaux/Agency Account Requestor
      Campus Phone: ext. 1872
      Building and Room #: SOL, 219
      E-Mail Address:

    • Enter the check delivery method. Generally, the field will read U.S. mail.
    • The business office will hold a check if you need to pick the check up for hand delivery - indicate this in the Deliver to/Hold For area.
  4. Accounting Information
    • Enter a brief description of the expense, i.e. "Lunch for Jan 5 meeting".
    • Enter your agency FOAPAL next to each item/amount as Fund 800000, Account 29XXXX
    • Enter the amount to be paid for each item.
  5. Detailed Description of Charges
    • Describe in more detail the type of event or expense, including dates, who attended and/or presented, purpose or type of expense, etc.
    • When requesting reimbursement for gift cards, names of all recipients and terms of selection for gift card recipients must be supplied in this area.
  6. Approval Signatures
    • Signatures needed on Payment Voucher, as listed on student organization's Agency Account signature card:

      Agency Accounts
      Requestor: Treasurer AND Vice President or President
      Organization Sponsor: Faculty or Staff Advisor

  7. Supporting Documentation
    • Supporting documentation must be attached to all payment vouchers before submission.
    • Documentation may include, but is not limited to, original invoices from vendors, or original itemized vendor receipts.
    • Credit card statements cannot be accepted as supporting documentation. All receipts need to be taped to an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of white paper.
    • DO NOT HIGHLIGHT any of the supporting documentation - the highlighted text is no longer readable when scanned.

Submit the payment voucher and supporting documentation to the Associate Dean for Administration's office.

Note on Timing:

  • The finance office generates checks to vendors twice each week, on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Generally, vouchers received before 12:00 p.m. Monday will be paid on Tuesday; vouchers received before 12:00 p.m. Thursday will be paid on Friday.
  • The Finance Office may require up to five days to process a payment.

Deposit Information

All funds generated for the organization should be deposited into the agency account. Cash amounts should not be retained or distributed for purchases or payment of outstanding bills.

If you have cash or checks to be deposited but don't have time to immediately complete the Deposit Form and take the funds to the business office for deposit, see someone in the Dean's Office for safekeeping in the vault.

Frequent, timely deposits are encouraged to ensure safe keeping of the organization’s cash. You are responsible for the safekeeping of these assets.

Instructions to Deposit Funds in Agency Account

Complete two copies of University Deposit Form (59 KB Excel file). Paper forms are available in the second floor lobby or online at

Graphic: Thumbnail of deposit form showing sections that need to be completed.The form requires the completion of five areas of information and attachment of supporting documentation:

  1. Contact Information
    • Enter the organization name and current date.
    • Enter the SOL's accountant information and your name in the contact information section.

      Contact Person: Julie DesRuisseaux / Organization Treasurer Name
      Campus Phone: ext 1872

  2. Deposit Information
    • Enter the monies received by cash, coin, or check.
  3. FOAPAL Information (FOAPAL is the University's acronym for Fund/Organization/Account/Program Code/Activity Code/Location Code).
    • Enter a brief description of the monies that are to be deposited - example: Dues, Event Ticket Sales, T-Shirt sales, etc.
    • Enter your organization's agency specifics (Fund: 800000, Account 29XXXX)
    • Enter the amount of the deposit. This amount should be less any applicable sales tax for items sold (see #4 Sales Tax, below). Make certain that the total in the Deposit Information section agrees to the total at the bottom of the form.
  4. Graphic: Thumbnail of sales tax calculator.Sales Tax
    • Fundraising activities are normally subject to collection of sales tax.
    • Activities subject to sales tax include, but are not limited to, merchandise sales, ticket sales, and auction proceeds.
    • Donations are not subject to sales tax.
    • If your deposit is subject to sales tax, the sales tax needs to be deducted from the sales amount provided.
    • For questions on the taxability of fundraising activities, contact Julie DesRuisseaux, room 219, 670-1872.
    • Provide a more detailed description of the event or activity which provided the funds, and a date of the event/activity if possible. More detail here is better than less.
  6. Supporting Documentation
    • Supporting documentation must be attached to all deposits.
    • Documentation should include a list of payers, check numbers, and amounts paid. Your organization should keep your own list, as well.
    • When cash is deposited, make sure the cash has had another individual count and sign a document confirming the cash total, even if it is a small note. Include this with the deposit slip, as well.

Submit the original and a copy of the deposit form along with cash and checks to the Associate Dean for Administration's office for review before making the deposit at the Business Office, Morgan Hall, located in Rm 103-O.

After the Business Office has processed the deposit, one copy of the deposit form will be returned to an organization officer.

NOTE: The President and Treasurer are responsible to accurate record keeping. Your organization should keep a list of (at a minimum):

  • Who has ordered and specifics about individual orders, if applicable (i.e. what sizes, colors, etc.).
  • Quantity each individual ordered.
  • Who has received the item and on what date (have them initial or sign).
  • Who has paid.

School of Law

  • Jointly sponsored with Centers, PDO, etc.
  • Use "Request for Reimbursement" form. Paper forms are available in the second floor lobby
    Graphic: Thumbnail of Law School funds request for reimbursement form.

Travel Tips

Plan Ahead

6-8 6-8 weeks prior to travel contact the Senior Administrative Assistant, Room 202, to receive a travel packet.

Travel Packet will include:

  • Pre-Travel Estimated Expense Checklist
  • Out-of-Town Travel Authorization
  • Pre-Travel Information & Preference
  • Pre-Travel Personal Information
  • Travel Policy Acknowledgement
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Rental Car Insurance

Travel Arrangements, including hotel, airline tickets and/or rental car reservations, should be completed by School of Law’s Senior Administrative Assistant in room 202.

Follow Up

  • Within 5 days after your return from your trip, submit travel receipts to Julie DesRuisseaux, Room 219.
  • Travel Expense Reports will be prepared by law school staff and provided to you for review and signature.
  • Travel Expense Reports for trips are not processed until ALL attendees have submitted their receipts.

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