Photograph: Alumna meeting with student.

Request Transcripts

You may obtain an unofficial transcript directly from Washburn Law or an official transcript from the Washburn University Registrar's Office.

Obtaining An Unofficial Transcript From Washburn Law

Unofficial transcripts are available to currently enrolled students and graduates within one year of graduation. It is preferred that alumni obtain official transcripts.

To obtain an unofficial transcript:

  • Contact the Dean's Office via fax (785-670-3249), e-mail, or phone: Donna Haverkamp, or 785-670-1661. Fax requests are preferred.
  • The fax should include the address where the transcript will be sent, your signature, and a telephone number where you can be contacted during business hours.
  • There is presently no charge for this service.

Obtaining An Official Transcript From The Washburn University Registrar's Office

Information regarding the release of academic records can be found at The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.

A transcript is an official copy of a student's permanent academic record. Each transcript costs $8.00.

You may obtain an official transcript, sent either by mail or electronically:

  • through Washburn University's online transcript ordering service (additional $2.25 service fee applies);
  • by printing, completing, and faxing the transcript request form; or
  • by submitting your request in writing.

See the Registrar's Office web site for further information.

Allow 3-5 business days for fulfillment of your request.

Note: University policy prohibits issuing transcripts to any student with any financial or other unmet obligations to the University.