Justice Luckert, '80, Receives Shaw Award from TBA

Photograph: Marla LuckertKansas Supreme Court Justice Marla Luckert, '80, was awarded the Warren W. Shaw Distinguished Service Award from the Topeka Bar Association (TBA). She joins the list of 13 other Washburn Law alumni who have received the award since its inception in 1995.

“My professors at Washburn Law School emphasized the special responsibility of attorneys to improve the legal system and profession,” said Luckert. “Their message went beyond the classroom; they practiced their teachings, giving enormous time and research efforts to support the publications, legislative efforts, and committee work of national and local bar associations and countless legal organizations. I have proudly followed their path by contributing to the work of the Topeka Bar Association and other bar groups.”

The Topeka Bar Association presented Luckert with the Shaw award at their annual meeting on April 9. This award recognizes a lawyer or judge for exemplary service to the legal profession or the Topeka Bar Association. It may be awarded to recognize an especially meritorious deed for service that significantly advances the administration of justice, the goals of the legal profession, or brings honor and recognition to the TBA; or may be awarded to recognize the continuous long-standing service of a recipient to the legal 
profession or the TBA.

Luckert added, “Receiving the Topeka Bar Association's Warren W. Shaw Distinguished Service Award is a tremendous honor, one I largely owe to my professors and others who served as my mentors. To all those professors, my sincere thanks and appreciation!”

Washburn Law graduates and Shaw Award recipients:

1995 Judge E. Newton Vickers, ’50
1997 Carl W. Quarnstrom, ’57
1998 Gerald L. Goodell, ’58 (also Honorary Degree, Doctor of Law, '02)
1999 Elwaine F. Pomeroy, ’57
2000 Judge Sam A. Crow, ’52
2001 Robert E. Tilton, ’58 (deceased)
2002 Wayne T. Stratton, ’58
2003 Thomas E Wright, ’64
2005 Arthur Palmer, ’63
2008 Chief Justice Kay McFarland, ’64
2010 Eldon Sloan, ’33
2012 Pedro L. Irigonegaray, ’73
2013 James C. Wright, ’63

2006 Judge Terry L. Bullock (Washburn Law adjunct professor, but not an alumnus)