Safe Ride Program

Washburn Student Bar Association has partnered with the Washburn Student Government Association (WSGA) to provide a "Safe Ride" to Washburn Law students who may feel unfit to drive. When you call 785-267-3777, say you are calling for a "safe ride" and follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure you have your Washburn Student ID.
  • "Safe Ride" is available during the school year (not summer or winter breaks).
  • A friend who is not a Washburn University student may accompany you, but both of you MUST be going to the same destination in Topeka.
  • Students calling the "Safe Ride" number above will be connected to CAPITOL CITY TAXI. WSGA reimburses the company for WU students.
  • WSGA receives a bill, which includes the names of the students using the services each month. One student (not faculty or administration) reviews the bill to ensure abuse is not occurring.
  • Abuse could/will lead to student's privileges being revoked (you abuse, you lose).
  • Students must allow 30 minutes for the taxi to arrive. Charges are given for no-shows or students who do not come out of the drinking establishment.
Get a Ride