Photograph: Students in a classroom.

COVID-19 Updates

  • Dean Lowry's July 6, 2020 Update (masks, revised schedule, exams, feedback).
  • Washburn University's July 2, 2020 Update (face masks required in all common areas, including classrooms—details to follow).
  • Dean Lowry's June 25, 2020 Update (considerations when arranging for fall housing, health and safety survey, etc.).
  • Dean Lowry's June 16, 2020 Update (health and safety concerns related to class attendance, availability of classes via zoom, location of some classes, etc.).
  • Dean Pratt's May 14, 2020 Update.
  • Dean Lowry's May 8, 2020 Update (grant money and other financial need resources; scholarship drawing; law library access; fall classes; graduating 3Ls).
  • Dean Pratt's April 21, 2020 Update (financial assistance; commencement; scholarships for rising 2Ls and rising 3Ls; final exams; student feedback).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's April 13, 2020 Update (spring 2020 exam administration policies).
  • Dean Lowry's April 13, 2020 Update (emergency financial aid; complete wellness survey).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's April 3, 2020 Update (all summer 2020 classes online; normal grading for summer 2020 classes; no hgher tuition for online law courses; summer course schedule).
  • Dean King's April 1, 2020 Update (fall 2020 OCI postponed to spring 2021).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's Covid-19 Response Update and answers to questions from the March 27, 2020 Student Town Hall.