Photograph: Students in a classroom.

COVID-19 Updates

  • Dean Mastrosimone's August 31, 2020 Update
    (staying engaged in class by turning video camera on; "camera accommodation").
  • Dean Lowry's August 20, 2020 Update
    (reporting Covid-19 symptoms to University Health Services, remote attendance, and Honor Code).
  • Dean Lowry's August 19, 2020 Update
    (describes the Mask Policy and lays out the Honor Code repercussions for violating the policy).
  • Dean Lowry's August 15, 2020 Update
    (students may now choose to attend some courses remotely after having chosen in-person attendance).
  • Dean Lowry's August 11, 2020 Update. See Covid-19 School of Law Policies
    (student access to law building; visitors; face masks; physical distancing; scheduling; food and drink; illness and medical clearance for return to class; intellectual property and privacy in recordings; D2L; what to bring to law school).
  • Dean Lowry's July 17, 2020 Update
    (courses available remotely and in-person, no penalty for remote attendance, no changes to academic calendar, mandatory quarantines, masks and social distancing requirements for student organization activities and meetings).
  • Washburn University's July 16, 2020 Update
    (face masks, social distancing, modes of instruction, technology, etc.).
  • Dean Lowry's July 6, 2020 Update
    (masks, revised schedule, exams, feedback).
  • Washburn University's July 2, 2020 Update
    (face masks required in all common areas, including classrooms—details to follow).

For assistance with Zoom go to:, select "Technology Support Links," then click the link below "Zoom Training." Register for access to Zoom if you have not done so already. Test your equipment (Zoom works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones) and internet access (cable, wifi, cellular data plans). Contact Professor Thomas Sneed at with equipment/internet concerns.

March-June 2020

  • Dean Lowry's June 25, 2020 Update
    (considerations when arranging for fall housing, health and safety survey, etc.).
  • Dean Lowry's June 16, 2020 Update
    (health and safety concerns related to class attendance, availability of classes via zoom, location of some classes, etc.).
  • Dean Pratt's May 14, 2020 Update.
  • Dean Lowry's May 8, 2020 Update
    (grant money and other financial need resources; scholarship drawing; law library access; fall classes; graduating 3Ls).
  • Dean Pratt's April 21, 2020 Update
    (financial assistance; commencement; scholarships for rising 2Ls and rising 3Ls; final exams; student feedback).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's April 13, 2020 Update
    (spring 2020 exam administration policies).
  • Dean Lowry's April 13, 2020 Update
    (emergency financial aid; complete wellness survey).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's April 3, 2020 Update
    (all summer 2020 classes online; normal grading for summer 2020 classes; no hgher tuition for online law courses; summer course schedule).
  • Dean King's April 1, 2020 Update
    (fall 2020 OCI postponed to spring 2021).
  • Dean Mastrosimone's Covid-19 Response Update and answers to questions from the March 27, 2020 Student Town Hall.