Photograph: Students in a classroom.

August 15, 2020 Update From Dean Lowry

Dear Students,

When the ABA first allowed remote attendance for the fall, some students asked if they could choose to attend some courses in person but others remotely for convenience, rather than for a personal health and safety concern. We replied that this wouldn't be allowed under the then-current ABA guidelines allowing remote attendance this fall: they had to choose all-remote or all in-person (for those courses offering in-person attendance).

However, as the pandemic has not lessened as everyone hoped, this is now permitted in an effort to de-densify the classrooms and maintain social distancing in the classrooms. A student's election to take a course remotely is now being viewed as having a communal advantage for maintaining health and safety. It is no longer a decision that must relate only to the health and safety of the particular student.

Because of this change, you may now choose to attend some courses remotely without attending all courses remotely. There is no longer any need to complete the remote attendance survey [which was deactivated 8/15/2020]: it has served its purpose in planning social distancing in the classrooms and for earlier ABA documentation. If you haven't already indicated remote attendance on the survey, simply email your professor and state your request for remote attendance in the particular course(s) you wish to attend remotely.

What you still can't do, without Dean Mastrosimone's approval, is move from remote attendance that you indicated on the survey to in-person attendance, as he will need to determine whether there is socially distant space for you in that classroom.

Best always,

Jalen Lowry