Photograph: Students in a classroom.

July 6, 2020 Update From Dean Lowry

Dear Law Students,

I hope you had a safe Fourth of July and are staying strong in uncertain times.

Here is the latest update on what we currently know about the upcoming fall semester, subject to the usual caveat that things could change:

  1. Masks: The university has announced that masks will be required in all common areas, including classrooms, with details of the policy to be released later this week. See
  2. Revised Fall Schedule: The fall schedule has been revised, with 20 minutes between classes, to allow more time for students to follow safety guidelines for restroom and locker use, and to reach classrooms that are across campus. See

    If you are taking classes on campus but also have some remote-only classes, classroom space has been reserved so you can Zoom those classes on your laptop without having to leave campus to complete your day. If you are in this situation, you should plan on bringing headphones with you so that you are not distracted by others who may be also using the classroom for this purpose. Please let us know as soon as possible if you see a schedule change that makes your planned course of instruction impossible to carry out, at the new Academic Affairs Feedback email address All academic feedback will be maintained at this site for review by Dean Mastrosimone and me.
  3. Exams: Exams will be conducted remotely. Detailed information will be sent later.
  4. Your Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions: Dean Pratt and Associate Dean Mastrosimone have carefully reviewed your evaluations of spring classes, and are incorporating your suggestions about remote instruction as much as possible into the fall semester. We understand, however, that the course evaluations preceded your remote exam experiences. If you have feedback that you have not yet shared with your professor or Dean Mastrosimone, we encourage you to do so by emailing
  5. Anonymous Feedback: If for any reason you would prefer your feedback--on any matter--to be provided anonymously, you may do so by contacting one of the following WSBA officers who have volunteered to be available to you over the summer. They will pass on any questions, concerns, or suggestions, without your name or identifying information, to for review.
    1. WSBA President Victoria Toothaker,
    2. WSBA Vice President Desiree Smith,
    3. WSBA Treasurer Paige Hungate,
    4. WSBA KBA Representative Britani Potter,
    5. WSBA Rep-at-Large John Baker,
    6. WSBA 1A Rep Angelique Brown,
    7. WSBA 1B Rep Justin Griffin,
    8. WSBA 2L Rep Lauren Kalp,

I look forward to hearing your questions and feedback, and hope to have another update for you soon.

Best always,

Jalen Lowry