Photograph: Students in a classroom.

June 16, 2020 Update From Dean Lowry

Dear Law Students,

Although planning for the fall 2020 semester is a little like writing on shifting sand, I want to update you about what we know at this point:

  1. Everything that we plan is subject to possible future modifications because of directives by the Governor, the Shawnee County Health Officer, the university, and the ABA.
  2. Most courses are planned to be held in person, and every course will also be available live via Zoom, for those students who feel ill that day or who have requested remote participation because of a health or safety concern via this link:
    1. You do not need to provide an explanation or documentation to request remote participation because of a health or safety concern. Simply being afraid that you will catch the virus is sufficient.
    2. If you answered that you do not request remote instruction but circumstances later change so that you do wish remote instruction, all you need to do is retake the survey and change your answer.
    3. If you answered that you do request remote instruction but circumstances later change so that you wish in-person instruction, you may change your answer as long as in-person socially-distancing space is still available in that course.
    4. Classes will also be recorded via Zoom so that any student too sick to attend live via Zoom can make up the class later.
    5. We expect to have one coordinated system for easy access to recorded classes.
  3. We expect that all professors will use D2L as the universal platform for course materials rather than TWEN or other platforms.
  4. Seating in classrooms will be socially distant; students will be spread out so that some large classes will need to be in Rooms A/B in the Union and a few large upper-class courses will need to be online. Dean Mastrosimone will send out an email when more is known about this.
  5. It hasn't been determined yet whether all exams will be administered remotely; Dean Mastrosimone will send an email later regarding this issue.
  6. Seating in the common areas and the library will also be socially distant. We will have more information later about other university-wide health and safety procedures.
  7. Whether you attend classes in-person or remotely, this fall will be a uniquely challenging semester. Good humor, professionalism, and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt will go a long way in helping us all rise to the challenge. Washburn Law students are the best at that!

Please let Dean Mastrosimone (for academic issues) or me know of any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have.

Best always,

Dean Lowry