WSBA Donates Barrister's Ball Proceeds to Topeka Literacy Council

On April 22, 2013, Washburn University School of Law student Chandler Maxon, chair of the Barrister’s Ball and Charity Auction, presented a donation of $2,500.55 to the Topeka Literacy Council in the name of Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA).

The Topeka Literacy Council is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers who help adults learn to read and write effectively for the benefit of their economic advancement and self-esteem.

Each fall, Washburn University School of Law holds an event known as the Barrister’s Ball and Charity Auction. Barrister’s Ball Committee members volunteer to solicit professors, staff, and local merchants for donations that will be used as auction items to raise money for a designated charity. The Committee also organizes a semi-formal ball, which includes dinner, music, dancing, and a live auction.

During the week prior to the ball, students, professors and staff are encouraged to participate in a silent auction. This auction continues throughout the Barrister’s Ball dinner. Afterward, two professors don their auctioneer hats and try to raise the bids of the most popular items through a live auction.

Photograph: WSBA donating to Topeka Literacy Council.

Dean Thomas J. Romig; Keith Barton, president, Topeka Literacy Council; 
Lisa Hammer, '90, newsletter editor and tutor, Topeka Literacy Council;
and Chandler Maxon, chair of the WSBA Barrister’s Ball and Charity Auction