Faculty Professional Development Schedule 2016-2017 Academic Year

Unless otherwise indicated, all sessions will meet in Room 327 from 12:10-1 p.m. For more information about the faculty professional development programs contact Professor Craig Martin.

September 2016

  • Wednesday, 9/21: Discussion workshop-- "Different Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Scholarship"

October 2016

  • Thursday, 10/6: Professor Freddy Sourgens, Washburn University School of Law
    "The Privacy Principle"

December 2016

  • Thursday, 12/15: Professor Patricia Judd, Washburn University School of Law
    "The Future of International Trade"

February 2017

  • Thursday, 2/3: Professor Andrea Boyack, Washburn University School of Law
    "The Chicken or Egg Conundrum of Consumer Financial Protection: Comparing European and American Approaches"
  • Wednesday, 2/15: Dr. Xing Lijuan, City University of Hong Kong School of Law
    Presenting on legal issues relating to tensions around territorial claims in the South China Sea.
  • Monday, 2/20: Professor David Rubenstein, Washburn University School of Law
    "Chasing Immigration Rule of Law"

April 2017

  • Wednesday, 4/5: Professor Emily Grant, Washburn University School of Law
    "Helicopter Professors"
  • Thursday, 4/20: Professor Laura J. Hines, University of Kansas School of Law
    "Illuminating Cy Pres in Class Action Settlements"

May 2017

  • Wednesday, 5/3: Professor Gillian Chadwick, Washburn University School of Law
    "Reorienting the Rules of Evidence" (accepted for publication at Cardozo Law Review)