Who to See, Where to Go, What to Check


Dean Jalen Lowry, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Room 203 – (785) 670-1662 or jalen.lowry@washburn.edu

Business Office

Morgan Hall Welcome Center, Student One Stop (SOS) (main entry) – (785) 670-1156 or visit Business Office website

Certificates of Concentration

Students interested in earning a Certificate of Concentration must declare their intention to complete a certificate program early in their second year and work closely with a Certificate Advisor in designing course selection.

Class Schedules

See current and upcoming class schedules.
Specific questions about class schedules can be addressed to Dean Alaka, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at (785) 670-1662 or aida.alaka@washburn.edu

Counseling Services

Morgan Hall Room 140 – (785) 670-1470 or visit Counseling Services website.

Financial Aid

Morgan Hall Welcome Center, Student One Stop (SOS) (main entry) – (785) 670-1151 or visit Financial Aid website
Kandace Mars, Associate Director Financial Aid, kandace.mars@washburn.edu

Remember: Due to tightened federal regulations, financial aid may not always be available before classes start, although they generally will be available by the end of the first week of classes as long as you have fulfilled Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. Please plan accordingly, and budget one semester's aid to carry over to the beginning of the next.
Please also note that you must make a separate application if you wish financial aid for the summer. Director Mars will send an e-mail explaining when and how this is to be done. Please feel free to e-mail Director Mars with questions.

Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program (KALAP)

515 S. Kansas Avenue – (685) 368-8275 or visit KALAP website
Lawyers helping lawyers and law students who are having personal problems affecting their practice or study of law. These difficulties include physical or mental illness, substance abuse, or emotional distress. All communications with KALAP are attorney/client privileged and thus completely confidential pursuant to Rule 206 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Kansas.


If you are not yet a Kansas resident, be sure to contact Terri Hearrell, Associate Registrar at registrar@washburn.edu to make sure you are doing everything you need to do to establish residency for in-state tuition. See residency information.

Student Health Insurance

Not required for Student Health Services but recommended for medical care that Student Health Services does not cover if you do not otherwise have insurance. See Student Health Services website.

Student Health Services

Morgan Hall Room 170 – (785) 670-1470 or visit Student Health Services website

Washburn E-Mail

Washburn e-mail is THE official correspondence method for the law school and the university. It is very important that you develop an efficient method for checking your e-mail every school day and that you respond promptly when required.


First-year students are encouraged not to work during school if possible. No student in any year taking over 12 hours may work more than 20 hours a week. See Rules for Law Student Employment at Washburn Law.

Still have questions?

Contact Dean Lowry, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at jalen.lowry@washburn.edu.