Photograph: Washburn Law students at commencement.

Commencement Checklist and Information Summary for Graduates

Keeping up to Date

  • Please do not rely solely on this checklist – be sure to check your e-mail regularly!

Important Dates

  • ____ Friday, March 14: Last chance to take photo for Class Composite (call Wichers at 271-5355 for appointment).
  • ____ Wednesday, March 26: If you want to send formal graduation announcements, CB Grad Announcement representative will be available from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. by the Libation Station to take orders. Or, you can order from
  • ____ Thursday, March 27: Grad Fair in the Washburn Room of the Memorial Union, 9:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
    Regalia can be rented at a discount if ordered at the fair.
  • ____ Thursday, March 27: Last day to order regalia without late fees (see how to order).
  • ____ Monday, April 14 through Friday, April 25: Fill out Name Card for Commencement. The cards will be available on a table in the entry of the Law Library.
  • ____ Wednesday, April 30: Last day to RSVP for the Champagne Reception following Commencement.
  • ____ Friday, May 16: Mandatory practice at 10:30 a.m. at Lee Arena in the Petro Allied Health Center. Questions: contact Professor Duncan at
  • ____ Saturday, May 17: Commencement, 6:30 p.m. at Lee Arena in the Petro Allied Health Center on the Washburn Campus.

Getting More Information

Have you completed all the classes you need?
See the Graduation Checklist: Questions: contact Donna Haverkamp, Student Records Administrator at

Have you applied for your degree?
March 31 is the deadline for fall applicants.
Remember, you are not a candidate for the Juris Doctor degree until your a (found at is on file with Donna Haverkamp in Room 203.
Questions: contact Donna Haverkamp, Student Records Administrator, at

Do you need details about commencement?
See the commencement homepage at
Questions: contact Gwyn Nelson at or Dean Hunt, Associate Dean for Administration, at

Do you need bar exam preparation information?
See the bar exam homepage at
Questions: contact Professor Dees, Bar Services, at

Do you need a bar loan or other loan repayment information?
See and
Questions: contact Margann Bennett, Director of Professional Development, at

Do you need to order an official transcript to take the Bar?
See Complete the request form with "hold until degree has been posted."
Each transcript costs $8.00.
Questions: contact Donna Haverkamp, Student Records Administrator, at

Do you still have questions?
Contact Dean Lowry, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at

Tips from Past Graduates

  1. Bar Loans: The Financial Aid Office cannot recommend loan providers. They advise students to search on-line. Students have reported that three lenders give bar loans in amounts ranging from $1,000-15,000.
    • Discover is getting good reviews for its customer service.
    • Sallie Mae is getting good reviews for its willingness to work with less-than-stellar credit histories.
    • Wells Fargo is getting good reviews for its interest rates, but they only give bar loans to existing customers.
  2. Bar Study: It is important to read the e-mails from Professor Dees regarding bar study. If you are taking the February bar and live out of town, get a room where the exam is held; you do not want to miss the exam because you could not get through the snow. Professor Dees has essay questions from the last five years. It is important to review these questions – there are only so many ways they can change questions.
  3. BAR-BRI: Does not cover employment law, but that topic is on the bar exam. Do not fall behind their schedule; their schedule works if you stick to it (avoid the temptation to procrastinate when some of their lectures are on video instead of live presentation). You probably will not have time to go through the whole box of books BAR-BRI sends you: look for the book that tells you the number of times a topic has been tested and when. You get a refund for mailing back some of the books: do it right after the exam so you do not lose the refund or have to pay for overnight shipping.

Law students or family member with questions regarding the Law School graduation events should contact