Photograph: Eagle statue outside law school.

Public Interest Scholarship

In 2007, the Washburn Law Clinic faculty established the Washburn Law Clinic Public Interest Scholarship. Since then other faculty members and friends of the Law Clinic have contributed to the scholarship fund. It is now an endowed fund, which will provide scholarships for years to come.

Recipients of the Public Interest Scholarship are:

  • Spring 2019: Scottie T. Bowden
  • Summer/Fall 2018: John A. Griffin
  • Spring 2018: Michael G. Hilleary
  • Fall 2016: Edna M. Reyes

This scholarship is awarded to a Clinic student whose employment upon graduation will be primarily serving underrepresented or underserved individuals, communities, and/or nonprofit groups.

Requirements to be considered for the scholarship are:

  • Enrollment in or successful completion of Law Clinic,
  • Demonstrated interest in public service, and
  • Commitment to legal employment in the public interest field.

Applications for the scholarship are accepted in the fall and spring semester. The Law Clinic faculty nominates candidates; nominations are then submitted to the Dean for approval. All Clinic interns who meet the requirements are eligible to apply. The current award is $375 per semester.