ExamSoft and Computer Exams - Fall 2018

Important Notices

  • You may take your midterm and final examinations using your laptop with Examplify for Windows or Mac, as indicated below.
  • All students who plan on using their laptop for exams will need to download and register the newest version of Examplify. Contact Kerri Pelton at kerri.pelton@washburn.edu with questions.


There is NO fee for using ExamSoft.


Courses in which professors have indicated that they will allow use of Examplify for midterms and finals this semester include:

  • Administrative Law (Rubenstein)
  • Business Associations Midterm ONLY (Westbrook)
  • Children in the Law (Roberts)
  • Civil Procedure II (Bahadur)
  • Constitutional Law II Midterm and Final (Jackson)
  • Criminal Law A Midterm and Final (Francis)
  • Criminal Law B Midterm and Final (Hodgkinson)
  • Debtor Creditor (Boyack)
  • DET (Grant)
  • Domestic Violence (Hartz)
  • Employment Law (Alaka)
  • Environmental Law (Duncan)
  • Evidence (Sourgens)
  • Family Law (Elrod)
  • Federal Courts (Glashausser)
  • Housing Law Midterms and Final (Boyack)
  • Immigration (Chadwick)
  • Intellectual Property (Judd)
  • Multistate Legal Analysis (M. Griggs)
  • Negotiation Midterm ONLY (Glaser)
  • Oil & Gas (B. Griggs)
  • Property A Midterm and Final (Duncan)
  • Property B (B. Griggs)
  • Public Employment Law (Mastrosimone)
  • Remedies (Judd)
  • Secured Transactions (Syed)
  • Torts A Midterm and Final (Glashausser)
  • Torts B (Bahadur)
  • Workers’ Compensation (Cooper/Fisher)

Restrictions: If you do not have an appropriate laptop computer, you will need to either borrow one or obtain a short term rental. Unfortunately, the Law School will not be able to provide computers to those who do not have one.

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No technical assistance will be provided once the exam has begun. In the event of any malfunction, students should complete the remainder of the examination in handwriting using standard bluebooks.