Assignments for First Day/Week of Classes
Summer 2019 Beginning Monday, May 20

If your course does not appear on this page, please check back-- first day assignments are still being submitted.

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» Commercial Leasing - Boyack
» Constitutional Law II - Jackson, Jeffrey
» Criminal Procedure - Hodgkinson
» Legal Writing for Clerkships and Externships - Matthews
» Specialized Legal Research: Business Law (ON) - Sneed

Commercial Leasing - Boyack for Monday, 5/13/2019
Register for TWEN Class Website, Review Syllabus.
Textbook for the class: Commercial Leasing: A Transactional Primer (Carolina Academic Press, 2nd ed., 2011) Daniel B. Bogart & Celeste Hammond
Please Read the following:

  • Boyack Supplement: Part 1
  • Boyack Supplement: Part II
  • Bogart & Hammond Ch. 1 pp. 3-6; 8-10
  • Boyack Supplement: Part III
  • Bogart & Hammond Ch. 2 and Ch 6

Constitutional Law II - Jackson, Jeffrey for Monday, 7/8/2019
Please read pp. 535-600 of Maggs & Smith (4th ed.)
Also, watch the short video at The Rational Basis Test

Criminal Procedure - Hodgkinson for Monday, 5/20/2019
Please read pp. 1-30 from Chemerinsky & Levenson, Criminal Procedure: Investigation 3d ed. (Aspen Publishers 2018).

Legal Writing for Clerkships and Externships - Matthews for Monday, 5/13/2019

  • Please read p. 1-41 in Writing for Litigation
  • Read 2 page Garner Supplement that is posted on the course TWEN page.
  • Read the First Day Writing Assignment and draft a declination letter as directed.

Specialized Legal Research: Business Law (ON) - Sneed for Monday, 5/20/2019
As a reminder, Specialized Legal Research: Business and Tax is an online class. Materials for the Introduction, Module 1 and Module 2 will be available on D2L on Monday, May 20. Please take a look at the introduction Module as soon as possible, as deadlines for discussions and assignments for both the introduction and Module 1 occur during the first week.

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Please forward assignment additions/updates to Donna McMurry in the Dean's Office.