Student Scholarship Series, April 2014 Presentations

Washburn Law Journal held its 2nd annual Student Scholarship Series on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, for members to present their work.

Jordan Duncan critiqued the U.S. Supreme Court's reasoning in Florida v. Jardines, in which the Court used a property-based (i.e., front door of homes vs. apartments) 4th Amendment analysis to evaluate dog sniffs.

Kayla Roehler examined the warrantless search of a cell phone, incident to a lawful arrest, and argued that 1) the Kansas Court of Appeals' decision in State v. James missed an opportunity to recognize the complex nature of modern cell phone technology and 2) that modern cell phones should be afforded additional protection from warrantless searches.
See also Ms. Roehler's PowerPoint Presentation (944 KB PDF)

Skipper "Skip" Jacobs addressed the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Salinas v. Texas, which involved the defendant's right to silence in Pre-Arrest, Pre-Miranda situations, and how this decision will bring significant change for both criminal procedure and evidentiary jurisprudence.
See also Mr. Jacobs' PowerPoint Presentation (759 KB PDF)

Watch entire program:

Watch Jordan Duncan's Presentation

Watch Kayla Roehler's Presentation

Watch Skip Jacobs' Presentation