ABA Family Law Quarterly

The Family Law Quarterly is a scholarly journal published by the ABA Section of Family Law. It focuses on important and emerging family law issues. The Quarterly has been edited by Washburn Law students since 1992.

In addition to three "regular" issues each year, the Quarterly publishes an annual review of the changes in family law throughout the fifty states. Review of this type is a tremendous undertaking and requires soliciting reporters in each state to summarize changes in case and statutory law. When a reporter fails to deliver, the responsibility falls to the student editors. However, the effort is well worth it, as this issue is arguably the most anticipated issue that the Quarterly publishes.

As with any publication, the Quarterly is only as good as its staff. The student editors are the heart and soul of the Quarterly. It is through their hard work that the Quarterly has remained at Washburn and has become one of the most cited specialty journals in the United States.

Learn more about the Family Law Quarterly, including abstracts and archives, at the American Bar Association Section of Family Law website.

Quarterly is Most Cited Family Law Journal

Family Law Quarterly (FLQ) is the most cited law journal in the family law subject area according to Washington and Lee School of Law Library's survey, "Law Journals: Submissions and Ranking, 2005-2012."

  • During the 2005-2012 survey period, the Quarterly was cited 637 times by other law journals and 31 times in court opinions.
  • Since the first ranking in 2003, the Quarterly has been in the top three family law journals cited by other journals and has been ranked first in court opinion citations.

See the list of family law journals included in the survey; to display the ranking, under "Choose Ranking Criteria" select the "Journal Cites" and "Case Cites" options and then click "Submit".