Blake A. Klinkner Publications, Presentations, and Other Activity

Articles in Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals

"Anaerobic Digestion as a Renewable Energy Source and Waste Management Technology: What Must Be Done for this Technology to Realize Success in the United States?," 9 University of Massachusetts Law Review 68 (2014).

Other Publications

"Facial Recognition Technology, Biometric Identifiers, and Standing to Litigate Invasions of Digital Privacy", 42:6 Wyoming Lawyer 44 (October 2019).

"When Can Being Facebook "Friends" with the Judge Lead to Judicial Disqualification?," 42:4 Wyoming Lawyer 50 (June 2019).

"Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Law Offices Expected to Be Top Technological Trends Impacting the Legal Profession in 2017," 40:1 Wyoming Lawyer 52 (February 2017).

"Digital Evidence and the Fourth Amendment: United States v. Ganias and Judicial Recognition of the 'Right to Deletion'," 38:2 Wyoming Lawyer 52 (April 2015).

"Metadata: What Is It? How Can It Get Me into Trouble? What Can I Do About It?," 37:2 Wyoming Lawyer 18 (April 2014).

"Metadata Redux: Now You're Telling Me I Need to Provide Metadata to the Opposing Side?," 37:3 Wyoming Lawyer 44 (June 2014).

"Protecting Your Law Office Against Data Breaches and Other Cyber Threats," 38:1 Wyoming Lawyer 60 (February 2015).

"Do You Have a First Amendment Right to Social Media?," 40:2 Wyoming Lawyer 50 (April 2017).

"Text Messages and Spoliation: A Couple Lessons from Recent Case Law," 38:6 Wyoming Lawyer 48 (December 2015).

"Understanding the Changing Landscape of Data Protection Laws," 42:1 Wyoming Lawyer 44 (February 2019).

"Yet Another Example of Why You Should Always Lock Your Phone (and Start Asking Interlocutors to Do the Same)," 39:1 Wyoming Lawyer 54 (February 2016).

"Data Breach Lawsuits and Article III Standing: Will the United States Supreme Court Make It Easier for Identity Theft Victims to Have Their Day in Court?," 38:3 Wyoming Lawyer 66 (June 2015).

"Technological Savvy and the Attorney's Ethical Duty of Competency," 40:3 Wyoming Lawyer 54 (June 2017).