Ron Dees

Ron Dees

Assistant Director of Academic Skills and Bar Passage
B.A., Florida Gulf Coast University, 2007
J.D., Washburn University School of Law, 2010
Contact Information:
Room 121

Ron's legal career began after he earned an Associate in Science Degree in Paralegal Studies with honors from Edison College in Ft. Myers Florida. He worked as a legal assistant at the law firm of Olmsted and Wilson, P.A. His work there focused mostly on real estate transactions, business transactions, estate planning, and probate. While at the firm, Ron continued his studies and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University, graduating magna cum laude in 2007.

Ron earned his J.D. from Washburn Law in 2009. While in law school he was a member of the Veterans' Legal Association of Washburn (VLAW) and served as vice president of the Washburn chapter of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies.

After graduation Ron worked as a solo-practice attorney focusing on family law and estate planning. He returned to Washburn in 2010 as an Institute for Law Teaching and Learning (ILTL) fellow in order to assist with the improvement and development of Washburn Law's Bar Pass Program. Ron has been serving as the director of the program since October of 2011.

Ron has also served since 2012 as the Mid-West Regional Academic Consultant for the American Bar Association's Counsel on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO). He has lectured on expert learning strategies and essay writing for the CLEO program in Los Angeles, California; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois. Ron has also published articles on law teaching and bar exam preparation on the Law School Academic Support Blog and in The Law Teacher.

Teaching Responsibilities
  • Mastering Legal Analysis