Photograph: Jewel Brueggeman-Makda.

Jewel Brueggeman-Makda

Assistant Director for Information Technology
B.A., Washburn University, 2003
Contact Information:
785.670.1776 | 785.256.0007
Room 213C
Jewel Brueggeman-Makda was born and raised in Topeka. She graduated from Washburn University in 2003 with a B.A. in Computer Information Systems. Jewel previously worked at Mabee Library as a Web Developer and provided technology support for students and staff. In January of 2006, Jewel joined the School of Law Library team to help provide laptop support for students and staff and maintain the computer labs. Jewel also completed her Masters in Educational Technology in 2009 and hopes to teach technology related courses part time. One of her passions is learning American Sign Language.