Photograph: Washburn Law Clinic.

Tribal Court Practice Clinic

Interns participating in Tribal Court Practice (TCP) may have the opportunity to represent clients in cases in Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (PBPN) district court. Since many interns in this practice concentration also handle cases in state and municipal courts, they become exposed to practice in multiple jurisdictions and therefore develop the skills useful to practice after law school.

Tribal Court Practice interns will explore the unique issues raised when representing Native clients, with the additional goal of increasing cultural literacy in law practice. TCP students practice under the supervision of a Washburn faculty member who is licensed to practice law in Kansas and admitted to practice in Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation District Court.

Types of cases accepted for representation in TCP include cases charged under the PBPN Law and Order Code.

Skills practiced in TCP are:

  • Client interviewing and counseling
  • Case theory and development
  • Drafting and filing pleadings
  • Preparing and first-chairing hearings and trials
  • Tribal court practice skills
  • Developing cross-cultural literacy
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Faculty Member
Photograph: John Francis.
Professor John J. Francis