Syllabus Policy

At the beginning of each semester, faculty members must send to Donna McMurry an electronic copy of the syllabus for each class they are teaching, including course policies. This is one means by which the law school complies with ABA Accreditation Standard 404, Responsibilities of Full-Time Faculty.

Every course syllabus should contain the following:

  1. A statement of the faculty member's attendance policies for each course, in accord with our Class Attendance Policy.
  2. A statement about e-mail addresses of the class:
    • If communication is made through the e-mail list on MyWashburn:
      Your Washburn University e-mail address will be the official address used during the semester. If you prefer to use an alternate e-mail address, you can access your MyWashburn e-mail account, choose the Options tab, and select Auto Forward to forward your e-mail.
    • If e-mail communication is made through TWEN:
      E-mails to the class will be made on TWEN. Please promptly register, supplying the e-mail address you prefer to use.
  3. A statement about accommodations for impaired students:

    Washburn University School of Law strives to assure equal access and full participation by persons with disabilities. If you require services because of a disability, you may notify Jalen Lowry, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, in Room 203, or by email ( This voluntary self-identification allows the University to prepare any necessary and appropriate support services to facilitate your learning.

    Any requests for exam accommodations should be directed to Dean Lowry and should be made at least four weeks prior to the exam to allow adequate time to document and process the request.
  4. A statement about non-discrimination policies by including either:

(revised: August 11, 2015)