WSBA Election Results

Students voted in elections for the Washburn Student Bar Association (WSBA) on Feb. 11.

The results are as follows:

President: Harry Schwartz 

Vice President: Molly Rondeau 

Barristers’ Ball Chair: Bailey Hamilton 

Jr. KBA Representative: Victoria Toothaker

Representatives at Large: Kate Lander, Ben Ellis, and Daniel Beall-Hall 

1J Representative: Lauren Kalp 

1A Representative: Paige Hungate

1B Representative: Tyler Pettigrew

2A Representative: Spencer Bailly

2B Representative: Lance Smith

3A Representative: Scott Wenger

3B Representative: Will Machado

Two WSBA constitutional amendments also passed, including adding an Assistant Barristers' Ball Chair to the Executive Council, and changing the 2A/2B and 3A/3B designations to simply two 2L and two 3L board positions.  

WSBA creates opportunities for academic excellence, civic duty, and cultural exchange among the law school student body. The organization serves as the liaison between students and faculty concerning policies that affect the academic, cultural, and social welfare of Washburn University School of Law.

Thank you to all of the candidates for their interest in serving our school!