Law Students Visit Cessna-Textron Aviation in Wichita, Kansas

Photograph: Students in cockpit of test aircraft and trying out virtual reality simulations.Washburn Law students toured the Cessna-Textron Aviation facilities in Wichita, Kansas, on Apirl 6, 2018. The visit was generously coordinated by Laura Ice, '84, Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary of the Textron Financial Corporation / Cessna Finance Corporation / Cessna Finance Export Corporation / Textron Aviation Finance Corporation. Ice handles the international finance of aircraft built and distributed by the companies.

The tour started with a brief history of the company's beginnings, including Textron's acquisition which brought Cessna and Beechcraft together to form Textron Aviation. Students then learned about various aspects of the company, from assembling mock models for customer feedback prior to production to the logistics of financing the sale of an aircraft.

Numerous Textron Aviation attorneys spent their afternoon conversing with students over lunch, answering questions ranging from, "what forms of payment are acceptable for a multi-million dollar aircraft?" to "how does the sale of an aircraft for civilian use differ from one used for military defense?" The attorneys also discussed their work in aviation finance, transactions, fabrication and assembly, crash, and licensure. In addition, students climbed inside a test craft and experienced aviation-themed virtual reality simulations.

Student, Morgan Hammes, observed that "I especially enjoyed having the opportunity to ask practical questions about the things I am currently learning in my business law classes."

The Business and Transactional Law Center and the Center for Law and Government thank Laura Ice for arranging the visit.

Photograph: Washburn Law students touring Cessna-Textron facility.