Washburn Law #6 on preLaw's list of "Largest employment gains by school"

Washburn University School of Law was named number six in "Largest employment gains by school", released by preLaw and The National Jurist magazines.

"While the nationwide employment rate for recent graduates has been largely flat during the past few years, some schools have bucked the trend and significantly improved their employment rates," according to the article.  "Twenty law schools improved their employment rate by 10 percent or more during the past two years, according to a formula created by the National Jurist to analyze data from the American Bar Association."

Washburn Law increased to 78.5 percent in 2013 from 63.7 percent in 2011, an improvement of 14.8 percentage points.

According to the article, "The National Jurist calculates its employment rate using a formula that tracks full-time bar passage required employment at 100 percent, full-time-JD preferred employment at 70 percent, and ten other categories at percents from 60 percent to as low as 10 percent for non-professional, full-time positions."