Experiencing Clinic on the Fast Track

"One of the reasons I chose Washburn Law was the Fast Track program and the ability to graduate in two years."

by Clay Kuhns, ’14Photograph: Clay Kuhns

The Fast Track program offered a great opportunity to get through law school quickly and into practice a year earlier. While I knew that the quality of the classes I chose would not suffer by joining the Fast Track, I was concerned that I would miss out on valuable legal experience. That is why I enrolled in the Washburn Law Clinic.

The Washburn Law Clinic provides many students their first chance to handle real cases, real issues, and real people. You’re in the driver’s seat as you and your supervisor discuss interview strategies, case theories, trial tactics, and much more. You begin to learn the practice of law with a staff that is truly dedicated to seeing you succeed. Most importantly, the Washburn Law Clinic provides an incredible amount of legal experience.

A great legal education necessarily includes legal experience. Even if you plan on joining the Fast Track and graduating in two years, don’t forget to gain valuable legal experience by enrolling in the Washburn Law Clinic. The pathway to practice begins at the Washburn Law Clinic; don’t miss out on your opportunity to become “practice ready.”