Carol Longenecker Schmidt Awarded the Kansas Association for Justice Raymond Spring Award

Photograph: Carol Longenecker Schmidt.Carol Longenecker Schmidt, '11, was selected as the 2011 recipient of the Kansas Association for Justice Raymond Spring Award. This award is bestowed upon the Law Clinic intern who has demonstrated the highest commitment to providing legal services to clients in need. Carol was nominated for the award by two of her Clinic professors, John Francis and Randall Hodgkinson.

Professor Francis describes Carol's work in the Law Clinic. "Carol Longenecker Schmidt interned in the Washburn Law Clinic during the fall 2010 semester, representing clients in criminal defense matters. One particular case of hers presented several challenges. The client had a serious and progressive medical condition. He faced criminal prosecution on a felony matter stemming from an incident which occurred years earlier. The charge carried a significant mandatory jail sentence which threatened his already fragile health. Ms. Longenecker Schmidt demonstrated dedication and innovation while representing this client, gathering medical data, interviewing caretakers, visiting with the client and conducting substantial legal research. This led to filing a unique motion to dismiss the case in the interests of justice. The court was intrigued by this motion, and while it did not carry the day, it did lay the foundation for an effective case strategy which was later implemented. Carol's work on this and other cases demonstrates that she is committed to providing legal services to clients in need."

Professor Hodgkinson describes Carol's work in the Appellate Clinic. "Ms. Longenecker Schmidt was a great intern in Criminal Appeal Advocacy, where she assisted in writing appellate briefs for two clients of the Kansas Appellate Defender Office. The first case involved an appeal from a drug conviction and the second from a criminal threat conviction. In each case, Ms. Longenecker Schmidt showed zealous commitment to each client and concern for the professional quality of her writing. And she has gone on to work in that area as a staff attorney at the Kansas Appellate Defender Office."

The Law Clinic congratulates Carol for being the 2011 Raymond Spring Award recipient and for being the first intern to receive a nomination from two professors.

Raymond Spring graduated from Washburn University School of Law in 1959 and worked in private practice for six years afterward. In 1965 he began teaching at Washburn and in 1970 became dean of the law school. Raymond Spring drafted the grant proposal and conducted negotiations with the Council on Legal Education for Professional Responsibility (CLEPR) which awarded Washburn University a $35,000 grant in 1969 to establish a legal clinic program.

Posted December 15, 2011.