Washburn Law to Host Immigration Symposium

Washburn University School of Law’s Center for Law and Government will host an Immigration Law Symposium on October 20 and 21, 2011, at the Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center on the Washburn campus. There is no charge for the symposium, but registrations are required by October 18.

The symposium, titled “Breaching Borders: State Encroachment into the Federal Immigration Domain?”, will consider the respective state and federal roles regarding immigration policy and enforcement.

Nationally-prominent experts will present and discuss distinct points of view related to emerging immigration law topics such as birthright citizenship, immigration and employment, and state initiatives such as voter identification and e-verify programs.

Speakers include Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has emerged as a national figure regarding the role of states in immigration law reform; Peter S. Vincent, Principal Legal Advisor for the Department of Homeland Security’s Division of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and Professor Peter Schuck, Simeon E. Baldwin Professor Emeritus of Law from Yale Law School, who will deliver a keynote address Thursday evening.

For more information, visit washburnlaw.edu/practicalexperience/government/center/programs/breachingborders/.