Install the Wireless Printers on Windows

Images on this page are representative of what will be displayed during the installation process.
All print jobs must be released from a Print Release Station next to the printer.

1. We need to open a "Run" window by pressing down on both the "Windows" and "R" keys on your keyboard.

Step 1

2. Type:  \\\

Step 2

3. You need to authenticate before adding the printers. Enter your email credentials. (Full email and password)

Please check the box "Remember my credentials."

Step 3

4. A window will appear. Double-click to add any of the six printers located in the law library. You can also right-click and select Connect.

Step 4

5. The driver will download and install.

Step 5

6. This window means you have successfully added the printer. To finish close this window.

Step 6

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