Remote Into Your WUAD Account

WUAD Accounts are assigned after an individual receives his/her MyWashburn/e-mail account.
Send request to to reset WUAD account information. You can also lookup your WUAD account here.

Use Remote Desktop to connect to your WUAD account.

  1. Locate the Remote Desktop Connection Application
    • On Windows Vista click on your Start Button and type “remote desktop” in the Start Search.

      Step 1
  2. Click on Remote Desktop Connection and enter:

    Step 2
    • Vista users may see the following window pop-up. Click “Yes.”

      Step 3
  3. Type: wuad\username and your WUAD password

    Step 4
  4. You will see “Loading your personal settings…” window while your profile loads.

    Step 5
  5. When you see this at the top of your screen you have connected successfully.

    Step 6