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Law Library Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the Library Scavenger Hunt. 

The law library held a Photo Scavenger Hunt the second week of February to introduce the J-Section to the library staff and resources. Students were divided into teams based on their small study groups. Each team was given a Star Wars mascot and an iPad and asked to answer all questions with a photograph.  They were judged on accuracy and creativity.

Overall Winners: Team Yoda: David Huckabee, Frank Matande, and Maggie Luehrs
Studyroom Use? Yoda Cannot.

Yoda doll looking at room reservation calendar

Best Photo Winner: Team Darth Vader: Adam King, Kate Wright, Andrew Vanorsdale, and Logan Schultz
Don't feed the books.

Best Photo Winner: Team R5-D4: Geoff Aubrey, Brian Dollar, Gavin Dykstra, Ryan Hamilton, and Robert Patterson.
Bug infestation in the library.

Bugs in the Library


Other Photos from the Scavenger Hunt

granola ok in the library

Granola Bars, OK in the Library.

photo of spaghetti, not ok in library

Spaghetti, Not OK in the Library.

can study here

Yes! A Group of Four Can Study Here.

Cant study here

Can't Watch a Movie Here.

Prof. Christensen's office

Here is the Director's Office

HDTV in study rooms

Awsome HD TVs in the studyrooms!

Photograph: Glen McBeth

Glen McBeth's favorite library resource: Pattern Instructions for Kansas, Civil & Criminal

Photo of student looking at book

Found Prof. Concannon's book: "The ideal place-- for the establishment of a great law school" : history of the Washburn Law School, 1903-2003"