Faculty Professional Development Programs, 2009-2010 Academic Year

October 2009

  • Thursday, 10/8: Professor Ali Khan
    Reasoning and Responsibility: Taking Ownership of Legal Outcomes

January 2010

  • Thursday, 1/21: Professor Amy Westbrook
    Anti Money Laundering & the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act

February 2010

  • Thursday, 2/4: Professor Lori McMillan
    A (Foreigner's) Law and Economics Perspective for The Current Debate on Heathcare Reform in the US
  • Friday, 2/19: Professor Melanie D. Wilson, University of Kansas School of Law
    Judging Police Lies - An Empirical Perspective

March 2010

  • Friday, 3/5: Professor Jeffrey J. Minetti, Stetson University School of Law
    Behavioral Economics of Environmental Marketing Claims
  • Monday, 3/29: Professor Randall Roth, University of Hawaii School of Law
    Ethical & Legal Lessons from the Bishop Estate Scandal
    Synopsis: Professor Roth will tell the story of Bishop Estate, a 501(c)(3) charitable trust established 125 years ago by the last descendant of Hawaii's first king, Kamehameha the Great. The New York Times has called Bishop Estate "a feudal empire so vast that it could never be assembled in the modern world," and the Wall Street Journal has estimated it to be "the nation's wealthiest charity." In 1997, Roth and four elders from the native Hawaiian community publicly called for an investigation of the five Bishop Estate trustees and the five state Supreme Court justices who had appointed those trustees. Within days the state attorney general began a probe that resulted in civil lawsuits, criminal indictments, death threats, and suicide. Eventually the trustees resigned in disgrace, the justices stopped selecting trustees, and several justices stepped down. The story was reported extensively by worldwide media including front-page coverage by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and on CBS's 60 Minutes. Professor Roth and senior federal district court judge Samuel P. King co-authored a book about the controversy, Broken Trust, that the Hawaii Book Publishers Association named Book of the Year. Roth and King are giving all royalties to charity. In his presentation, Roth will address not only the major tax and trust law issues, but also questions of constitutional law (e.g., Bishop Estate serves only native Hawaiians), employment law (according to the governing document, Bishop Estate teachers and trustees must always be Protestants), property law (the State has forced Bishop Estate to sell significant amounts of its land to other private parties under threat of eminent domain), evidence law (the replacement trustees waived the attorney-client privilege with respect to communications between the trust's lawyers and the former trustees), and professional responsibility (e.g., undisclosed conflicts of interest; confusion over who was or was not a client; ex parte communications; failure to communicate fully with clients; excessive fees; public criticism of judicial actions).

April 2010

  • Monday, 4/5: Professor Eric E. Johnson, University of North Dakota School of Law
    International Super Torts: The End of the World and the Rule of Law