Photograph: Alumna meeting with student.

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed on graduates whose careers have been highly distinguished, and whose achievements and contributions are widely recognized as significant and outstanding in their field of endeavor, whether it be in the practice of law, the judiciary, business, public service, education or otherwise. While all graduates of the law school will be eligible for consideration, in general those nominated should be persons whose professional careers have been substantially completed, and who clearly will represent the very best and most accomplished of the law school's many outstanding graduates.

2013 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Photograph: Nola Foulston. Photograph: Max Halley.
Photograph: Mark Heitz. Photograph: Dennis Moore. Photograph: Ronald Wurtz.

2013 Awards Committee

  • Jim Slattery, 1975, chair
  • Michelle Canter, 1992
  • John Duma, 1981
  • Tim O'Sullivan, 1975
  • Cailin Ringelman, 2002
  • Lucky DeFries, 1978
  • Art Glassman, 1965
  • John Petersen, 1978
  • Keith Roberts, 1980
  • Staff liaisons: Professor James M. Concannon, Joel Lauer
Selection Process
  • Nominations may be made throughout the year by submitting the nomination form.
  • Deadline for 2014 nominations is February 1, 2014.
  • The Alumni Association Board of Governors' Awards Committee recommends up to twelve nominees to the board.
  • Information and photographs of alumni selected for recognition will be published in the Washburn Lawyer, displayed on the large screen television monitor in the Washburn Law lobby, and announced through press releases.