2016-2017 Student Ambassadors

Washburn Law Student Ambassadors are active in the recruiting of prospective students, providing tours of the law school, and assisting the Admissions Office in a variety of special events.

Our Student Ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experiences at Washburn Law.

Photograph: Sarah Anderson.Sarah Anderson — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of North Texas
Undergraduate Major: Social Sciences
Hometown/State: Fort Worth, Texas

"I traveled almost 500 miles to attend Washburn Law and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Faculty and Administrators are fully committed to student success. The professors want you to succeed and will open their office doors to you whenever you need a little bit of help."

Photograph: Sarah Balderas.Sarah Balderas — 2L
Undergraduate School: Newman University
Undergraduate Major: English
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"I greatly appreciate how hard the Professional Development Office works to help students gain access to practicing lawyers by hosting networking opportunities and events. I feel like I have people behind me, supporting me, and willing to do everything possible to help me find employment."

Photograph: Erica Bowden.Erica Bowden — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Florida
Undergraduate Major: Classics
Hometown/State: Overland Park, Kansas

"I traveled across the country to attend Washburn Law School and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Here, I met people who have quickly become my family and my support system. I feel very at home in the close-knit community that opened its arms and gave me a place to feel comfortable."

Photograph: Jeremy Butler.Jeremy Butler — 2L
Undergraduate School: Northwest Missouri State
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Hometown/State: Kansas City, Missouri

"I made the decision to enroll at Washburn School of Law, because I could sense that students and staff were recognized for their true character and hard work. I believe that success comes much easier when you can enjoy the process and people who will help you attain it!"

Photograph: Heather Davis.Heather Davis — 2L
Undergraduate School: Park University
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown/State: Kansas City, Missouri

"As someone interested in working in Public Interest and a career in government, the Certificate of Concentration in Law and Government through the Centers for Excellence was a big attraction for me to Washburn Law."

Photograph: Valerie Desroches.Valerie Desroches — 3L
Undergraduate School: Wright State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Brooklyn, New York

"Being practice ready is not just a catch phrase, but the staff and faculty are genuinely vested in aiding you to excel in writing, legal analysis and oral skills which are needed to succeed in the profession of law."

Photograph: Benjamin Donovan.Benjamin Donovan — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Westwood, Kansas

"Washburn Law is the perfect fit for me because it provides an atmosphere conducive to student learning. With its students-first approach, Washburn Law gives me all the tools that I need to achieve success."

Photograph: Donald Fahrny.Donald Fahrny — 2L
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Drumright, Oklahoma

"Finding the perfect learning institution can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone most perspective law students. From the moment I first arrived at Washburn Law, I have had zero doubts about my selection. Washburn Law is truly a school for the students."

Photograph: Ashlyn Helton.Ashlyn Helton — 2L
Undergraduate School: Lincoln University
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Hometown/State: Vienna, Missouri

"Coming from a small town and university, I was looking for a law school with a close-knit atmosphere. When I visited Washburn Law, I instantly knew it was the right fit for me. The professors are always available to answer questions and the students are willing to help other students."

Photograph: Alex Hull.Alex Hull — 1J
Undergraduate School: Emporia State University
Hometown/State: Norwich, Kansas

"Being able to start in January was amazing; only a couple of months in and I've made friends and learned lessons that will last a lifetime"

Photograph: Matthew Langworthy.Matthew Langworthy — 2L
Undergraduate School: Washburn University
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown/State: Derby, Kansas

"My wife and I are Washburn University graduates. My stepmom is a Washburn University School of Law graduate. I have a deep affection for this University for all the opportunities it has provided to me. When I was exploring law schools it was a no-brainer with school I wanted to go to. From the collegial atmosphere, the nationally recognized professors, and the superstar support staff this institution shows me daily why I made the right choice when I decided to go to Washburn University School of Law."

Photograph: Ryan Laudermilk.Ryan Laudermilk — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Spanish
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"Professors at Washburn Law are very accessible to students for advice and academic support. I was looking for a place to develop relationships with mentors and Washburn has been a perfect place to work with and learn from experts in the field."

Photograph: Suzanne Lueker.Suzanne Lueker — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Sociology
Hometown/State: Manhattan, Kansas

"While attending Washburn Law I have had the opportunity to learn invaluable legal skills, both through faculty instruction in the classroom, and practical training through competition teams and externship opportunities. I also studied abroad at Oxford University last summer, where I participated in my first trial!"

Photograph: Sarah Morrison.Sarah Morrison — 2L
Undergraduate School: Emporia State University
Hometown/State: Lawrence, Kansas

"The idea of law school can be very intimidating. I always had the desire to be a lawyer in the back of my mind, but it took me a while to build the confidence to apply. Fortunately, the law school experience does not have to be what you see in movies. At Washburn Law we are a family. That was apparent to me from the moment I walked into the building for my visit. You have a constant support system within your fellow students as well as faculty and staff. Everyone here wants to see you succeed. I couldn't imagine going to any other law school."

Photograph: Daniel Oste.Daniel Oste — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hometown/State: Russell, Kansas

"I attended a large state university where I felt like just another student. Washburn Law is not like that, I feel like I'm at home here. In one semester at Washburn, I have built better relationships with faculty than I did in four years at my undergraduate school."

Photograph: Elizabeth Reichenberger.Elizabeth Reichenberger — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Hometown/State: DeSoto, Kansas

"'Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.' - Unknown. The Washburn Law Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Agricultural programs have been able to fuel that fire! When looking at law school I knew that Washburn was the best fit for me because of the those specific programs. The courses, lunch & learns, intersession courses, networking opportunities, and nation-wide events have exceeded my expectations of what the Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, and Agricultural programs have to offer. The programs have provided me with more than enough support to be fearless and pursue my dream of working in such a specific area of law."

Photograph: Amy Rider.Amy Rider — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"Washburn has provided me with more resources and opportunities than I could ever have imagined. I value the flexibility I have to choose between a expansive list of classes, certificates, and extra-curricular activities. The Personal Development Office provided ample support to help me land my top choice for a summer clerkship in my hometown."

Photograph: Francis Schneider.Francis Schneider — 2L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"As a non-traditional student who worked in the corporate world after college, my return to school was not an easy to decision. But my fears were unfounded and my reasons for attending Washburn University School of Law were quickly validated. I was immediately impressed with the communal support of the faculty, administration, and fellow students. The faculty have truly have taken an interest success as both a student and future attorney as they go above and beyond to ensure understanding of the material. The quality legal education at Washburn University School of Law has far exceeded my expectations. I have the confidence to know I’ll have the necessary legal knowledge, training and practical skills from both the classroom and the Business and Transactional Law Clinic when I start my new career."

Photograph: Kasey Skidmore.Kasey Skidmore — 2L
Undergraduate School: Park University
Hometown/State: Raytown, Missouri

"Washburn gives you the opportunity to be taught by some of the greatest professors in the country; that is something no other law school in the area will offer. All the professors here are genuinely committed to your understanding and education, and will go out of the way to help you throughout your legal career. Washburn also give you the opportunity to specialize or be certified in certain fields which will help pave the way for your legal career."

Photograph: Shannon VanMatre.Shannon VanMatre — 2L
Undergraduate School: Texas Tech University
Undergraduate Major: Psychology
Hometown/State: Trinidad, Colorado

"Washburn Law is one big support system. The support that the students and faculty give to first-year students took the stigma away from my first semester. I truly believe that I wouldn't have as much support from any other school that I do at Washburn Law."

Photograph: Kathryn Wright.Kathryn "Kate" Wright — 2J
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Economics
Hometown/State: Topeka, Kansas

"Washburn was never really on my radar, but after making the decision to attend law school I knew I needed to consider Washburn. After my first few days here I knew it was an atmosphere that most law schools do not possess. The professors are incredibly knowledgeable without being condescending, the students are friendly and helpful, and most importantly everyone wishes for you to succeed in whatever you want to do."

Photograph: Erin Zoglmann.Erin Zoglmann — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Wellington, Kansas

"Washburn Law has such a family-like atmosphere. It is so much easier to learn in a place where you are wanted and where the people, both faculty and students, go above and beyond to help each other. Having looked at other law schools, I can see that feeling is definitely something that is unique to Washburn Law."