2014-2015 Student Ambassadors

Washburn Law Student Ambassadors are active in the recruiting of prospective students, providing tours of the law school, and assisting the Admissions Office in a variety of special events.

Photograph: Washburn Law student ambassadors for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Our Student Ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experiences at Washburn Law.

Photograph: Lauren Amrein.Lauren Amrein — 2L
Undergraduate School: Baker University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Topeka, Kansas

"One of my favorite things about Washburn Law is the emphasis on student's learning. Washburn Law places each student with a study group led by a 2L or 3L and the main goal is to help with all aspects of transitioning into a legal education. My study group gave me reassurance, explanation, different perspectives, and a better way to learn the material outside of the classroom. I also value the professors' willingness to meet outside of their office hours to make sure students have every opportunity to achieve success."

Photograph: Kayla Bennett.Kayla Bennett — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Majors: Political Science; Communication Studies
Hometown/State: Lawrence, Kansas

"I was recently matched up with a mentor through the Women's Legal Forum and the Women Attorneys Association of Topeka program. It is going to be a great experience to learn from someone who works in my specialty area of interest."

Photograph: Whitney Bolden.Whitney Bolden — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Journalism & Mass Communications
Hometown/State: Caldwell, Kansas

"As a student from small town Kansas, Washburn provided me a friendly, personable atmosphere that made me feel comfortable and welcome. The students and staff definitely care about each student's success and are willing to help achieve that dream."

Photograph: Amelia Brown.Amelia Brown — 3L
Undergraduate School: Friends University
Undergraduate Major: English Literature
Hometown/State: Hillsboro, Kansas

"Washburn's faculty is really interested in their students' learning and well-being. My professors are available and more than willing to answer any questions I have. The personal attention helped make the transition to law school much easier."

Photograph: Jenna Christophel.Jenna Christophel — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: History & Spanish
Hometown/State: Overland Park, Kansas

"As a lifelong Kansas resident, I feel that Washburn Law has created an exceptional opportunity for legal education in our great State. By making student experience a top priority within the currirulum, Washburn Law has developed a prestigious reputation for producing great lawyers that I'm proud to be a part of."

Photograph: Jorge De Hoyos.Jorge De Hoyos — 2J
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: Marketing
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"The dual degree program at Washburn University School of Law not only prepares me with a great legal background, but it also gives me the confidence to communicate with decision makers on a more personal, understanding level that both my clients and myself will come to appreciate."

Photograph: Dylan Dinkla.Dylan Dinkla — 3L
Undergraduate School: Simpson College
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown/State: Guthrie Center, Iowa

"Being an out-of-state student was a bit worrisome for me. But from my very first visit, I knew Washburn Law would be the right fit for me. The Professional Development Office staff knows me well and is constantly working with me to strengthen my opportunities back home. Washburn has been nothing short of a second home to me."

Photograph: Victoria Eck.Victoria Eck — 2L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"I have found my home away from home at Washburn. I am constantly encouraged and challenged by my professors and classmates to perform to my highest ability, and to become the best version of myself. I know that my goals and aspirations are valued at Washburn, and that the community at Washburn will continue to encourage and support me in my pursuit of achieving those goals and aspirations."

Photograph: Ashley Green.Ashley Green — 3L
Undergraduate School: The University of Texas at Austin
Undergraduate Major: English
Hometown/State: Houston, Texas

"Washburn University School of Law has become my home away from home. Being a female, minority, and an out-of-state student from Houston, Texas, I originally imagined law school would be an extra challenge, but the faculty and students at Washburn Law have always embraced me with warm welcomes. I am confident that I am gaining an invaluable experience at Washburn Law. I couldn't imagine calling another place my second home."

Photograph: Michael Kitowski.Michael Kitowski — 2L
Undergraduate School: Washburn University
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown/State: Marysville, Kansas

"Washburn Law is a home away from home. The friends you make at Washburn Law become your second family who help and support you through school. The caring, supportive atmosphere created at Washburn Law helps students succeed in the classroom and grow professionally."

Photograph: Benjamin Lamb.Benjamin Lamb — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Phoenix
Undergraduate Major: Business
Hometown/State: Lehi, Utah

"Washburn Law has always felt like home to me. From the first time I walked in the school and even today. The staff makes this University a very special place."

Photograph: Jason McIlrath.Jason McIlrath — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Utah
Undergraduate Major: English
Hometown/State: Riverton, Utah

"Washburn Law is an amazing value law school. The faculty and staff are very hands on with my education and ensure that I have all of my needs met."

Photograph: Christianna Pruden.Christianna Pruden — 1J
Undergraduate School: Villanova University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Russell, Kansas

"As a mother and a student who has been out of undergrad for years, Washburn Law has afforded me an amazing opportunity to reacquaint myself with a scholastic atmosphere through help from its friendly and knowledgeable faculty and staff."

Photograph: Brett Robinson.Brett Robinson — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Hometown/State: Lawrence, Kansas

"The Washburn Law students and staff made me feel like an important part of the family, and not simply a recruitment number."

Photograph: Brock Roehler.Brock Roehler — 1J
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Economics
Hometown/State: Topeka, Kansas

"The professors truly do everything to make sure you understand the material. Due to conflicting schedules, I've had professors schedule meetings over the lunch hour. The professors truly want you to succeed and will bend over backwards to make it happen."

Photograph: Kayla Roehler.Kayla Roehler — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Elementary Education
Hometown/State: Cumberland, Wisconsin

"As a married student, Washburn Law was a great choice for me because the class schedule allows for time to go home and be with my husband. In addition to lending itself to families, Washburn Law has a great open door policy. I cannot count the number of times that I have gone to a professor's office outside of their office hours for help, and they are always willing to lend a hand."

Photograph: Ashley Rohleder.Ashley Rohleder — 3L
Undergraduate School: Pittsburg State University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown/State: Gorham, Kansas

"Choosing Washburn has given me more avenues than I could have ever imagined to pursue my goal of being a family lawyer. Washburn has a wide variety of courses, out of the classroom opportunities, and practical, hands-on experiences to prepare us for our professional lives."

Photograph: Stephen Stocks.Stephen Stocks — 2L
Undergraduate School: University of Utah
Undergraduate Majors: International Studies; Communications
Hometown/State: Moab, Utah

"Great price, dedicated staff, and kind administration. Overall, an amazing price for the benefits received."

Photograph: Adeel Syed.Adeel Syed — 3L
Undergraduate School: Newman University
Undergraduate Major: Biology
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"I wanted to attend a law school where I felt like I could succeed as a student and after graduation. Washburn Law is exactly the law school where everyone - deans, professors, and the entire staff - is committed to my success."

Photograph: Kathryn Wright.Kathryn Wright — 1J
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Economics
Hometown/State: Topeka, Kansas

"I was not sure law school would be the right fit for me, but Washburn Law has exceeded my expectations and the passion the professors have for their field has truly been remarkable and inspiring."

Photograph: Jason Zavadil.Jason Zavadil — 2J
Undergraduate School: Emporia State University
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown/State: Wichita, Kansas

"The people at Washburn Law are amazing. From the administration, to the faculty, staff, and student population, nearly everyone is willing to do what they can to help you succeed."