2018-2019 Student Ambassadors

Washburn Law Student Ambassadors are active in the recruiting of prospective students, providing tours of the law school, and assisting the Admissions Office in a variety of special events.

Our Student Ambassadors are happy to talk with you about their experiences at Washburn Law.

Photograph: Cameron Bernard.Cameron Bernard — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

"Washburn is a perfect fit for my Kansas-loving, practical-thinking, intellect-pursuing, and people-centered self. I have been particularly benefited by Washburn's alumni and location to the capitol. Washburn Law's community and teaching extends beyond the school's four walls. I have had stimulating conversations with Circuit judges to private county lawyers--let's not forget the professors! They have helped me develop a robust and attractive view of what it means to be a lawyer. The world needs good lawyers. Kansas needs good lawyers. Washburn is helping me to be in that number."

Photograph: Megan Bucher.Megan Bucher — 3L
Undergraduate School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

"The biggest benefit I have received from Washburn was being allowed to automatically receive in-state tuition my first year school of law school through their program with residents of bordering states."

Photograph: Mathias Crook.Mathias Crook — 2L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: History
Hometown: Rose Hill, Kansas

"Washburn is a perfect fit for someone like me who learns best in a group. The school fosters an attitude of helpfulness that starts with the faculty's dedication to the success of students. I couldn't see myself anywhere else."

Photograph: Aaron Cunningham.Aaron Cunningham — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Communication Studies & Political Science
Hometown: Hays, Kansas

"My entire life I have been taught to serve and give back to my community. Washburn Law is equipping me with the practical skills I need to be a zealous advocate for the clients I will serve."

Photograph: Nick French.Nick French — 2L
Undergraduate School: Wichita State University
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

"I have an interesting past and an unwritten future. I found a lot of people in similar situations, and some who already knew what they wanted. Washburn has given us the tools to really get what we want out of our education, and I needed that."

Photograph: Jacob Gayer.Jacob Gayer — 1J
Undergraduate School: Central Christian College of Kansas
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: McPherson, Kansas

"The family environment of Washburn Law fits well with me as a returning adult student. Washburn Law's learning environment and opportunities engage me and foster relationships preparing me for a legal career in the rural areas of Kansas."

Photograph: Abbey Horn.Abbey Horn — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Agriculture Economics
Hometown: McCoy, Colorado

"Washburn Law is the perfect mix of small town connections, with big city opportunities. I was raised in a small town of about thirty people and moving to the big city of Topeka was daunting. There is always a friendly smile and a helpful hand around the law school which has made the transition easy for me. The faculty has expertise in many different areas, they are dedicated to support students towards their goals."

Photograph: Dakota Lamb.Dakota Lamb — 2L
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Undergraduate Major: Agricultural Business
Hometown: Elkhart, Kansas

"Coming from a small town and a small undergraduate university, Washburn Law is a good fit for me because it still has the small community feel where everyone is like family and show they care about each other succeeding."

Photograph: Carissa Leffler.Carissa Leffler — 2L
Undergraduate School: Missouri State University
Undergraduate Major: Criminology
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

"Washburn Law prepares you for a future legal career from the first day of school to graduation. During my first week of school, I attended the Opportunity Fair and met a Washburn Law Alumna who immediately wanted to help me get my foot in the door. We also have a mentorship program that will set you up with a Washburn Law graduate who is working in your dream legal field. Our career center is here amazing and are always willing to help. There are immense job connections to be made here, and Washburn Law will give you the tools to get to where you want to be."

Photograph: Kelcey Marsh.Kelcey Marsh — 3L
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma State University
Undergraduate Major: Geology
Hometown: Hobart, Oklahoma

"I feel like Washburn has a very welcoming environment. I would say almost all of the students are very personable and willing to give advice or help out however they can. The same goes for almost all of the professors and the rest of the staff. Most professors have an open door policy to where if they are in their office and have the door open you can stop by and have a casual conversation. What I think is great is that they are very down to earth. They want to help and see you succeed. They want to do the best job they can in preparing you know so that you can become successful after graduating. I grew up in a small town, and I have a very laid-back personality. I think those characteristics fit in very well at Washburn. There is a sense of community here allowing people from all backgrounds to feel comfortable and get along with almost everybody."

Photograph: Daniel Martin.Daniel Martin — 3L
Undergraduate School: Newman University
Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

"The community atmosphere at Washburn Law is like having a second family. Everyone, both students and faculty/staff, is dedicated to seeing each other succeed, and are willing to do what it takes to help each other do so. From my experience with other law schools, this feeling is unique to Washburn Law."

Photograph: Melissa Miller.Melissa Miller — 3L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Agriculture Economics
Hometown: Sedan, Kansas

"Washburn offers so many diverse class options, it makes it very easy to find classes that you truly enjoy."

Photograph: Alex Robinson.Alex Robinson — 2L
Undergraduate School: Kansas State University
Undergraduate Major: Marketing
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

"Washburn's small class size allows personal interaction with professors. This access is crucial in helping understand material as well as forming relationships that through law school and beyond."

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