Residency Checklist

Procedures Following Enrollment

Once a student has enrolled and begins classes, any changes in residency status (for subsequent semesters) are administered by the Washburn University Registrar's Office. Students must complete and submit the "Application for Residency" form (available in Morgan Hall, Room 115) before review of residency status can begin.

  • Specific questions regarding residency changes following enrollment should be directed to Terri Hearrell, University Registrar's Office. Ms. Hearrell can be reached at (785) 670-1580 or terri.hearrell [at]

The Registrar's Office requires that the student make an appointment to meet personally with Ms. Hearrell (according to the following suggested timeline) to review the documentation required to change residency status after enrollment.

Residency Status
Effective Date
January   November - January
June   May - June
August   July - August

Documentation Checklist (for your reference only)

Student may have to provide, upon request, the following documents to verify Kansas residency status.

Mandatory Documentation:

Mandatory documentation is required to determine resident status both prior to enrollment and following enrollment.

  1. Must have one of the three following items. Date on this document must show that student resided in Kansas at least six months prior to date residency is desired (Date of enrollment for term desired).
    • _____ A lease
    • _____ A house deed
    • _____ Letter from a "landlord" verifying that the student was residing in the living quarters
  2. Must have all three of the following items. If any one of these three documents is from a state other than Kansas, the student will be classified as a non-resident. These items do not have to be dated six months prior to enrollment.
    • _____ Driver's License
    • _____ Voter Registration
    • _____ Car Registration

Supplemental Documentation:

If any one of the documents in #2 above is not available (i.e. do not own a car), one of the following may be substituted:

  • _____ Utility bill from Kansas residence (i.e. phone, trash, water, electric)
  • _____ Paycheck stub
  • _____ Proof of payment for Kansas State Income Taxes
  • _____ Proof of payment for Kansas Personal Property Taxes

Revised: 8/11/2017