LSAT and Admissibility to Washburn Law

Prospective law students often inquire about their chances of admission to Washburn Law based on their Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) scores and undergraduate grade point averages (GPA). While it is understandable why applicants ask this question, it is, unfortunately, difficult to answer.

Our Admissions Committee makes admissions decisions, not on the basis of a statistical formula, but rather on the basis of what we call "whole file review." In other words, we look not only at an applicant’s LSAT score and undergraduate GPA, but also at several other factors based on information derived from your application, transcripts, personal statement, and letters of reference. These include such things as:

  • Demonstration of excellence, of your ability to overcome adversity, or of significant contributions to society mentioned in your personal statement;
  • Evidence of strong moral and ethical standards and your sincerity of interest in the legal profession derived from your recommendations on your personal statement;
  • Patterns of academic performance derived from your transcripts;
  • A criminal record noted in your application.
Student Body Credentials

Although we cannot predict admissibility of an individual applicant from LSAT/GPA alone, you may find it helpful to compare your credentials to those of the typical student we admit. See Student Body and Entering Class Profiles for more information about students attending Washburn Law.

Taking the LSAT

Please see Frequently Asked Admissions Questions for information about the number of times the LSAT can be taken.