Photograph: Students in a classroom.

Academic Success Program

Congratulations on being admitted to Washburn University School of Law! Take a minute to bask in your achievements and then take a deep breath: you are about to face new challenges that will result in even greater success. You are entering a totally new environment, one requiring new skills, discipline, focus, and a tremendous amount of time.

At Washburn Law, incoming students get a "jump start" on developing the skills necessary for success in law school by attending First Week before the fall semester begins. You will receive general orientation, but you will also begin your course of study in one of your primary 1L classes under the direction of the professor you will have for the class during the entire semester. Taking one law class each day gives you the time to better assimilate the new skills you will be learning. The professors will take this week to directly address what you should be learning and how you should be learning.

This instruction will be buttressed by your study group that meets after your class, led by a trained upper-division law student who has been successful in law school. Each small group, your practice "law firm," is designed to hone the collaborative skills essential to lawyering and to the enjoyment of your future profession. You will meet each day during First Week with your group, and will continue to meet with your group throughout your first semester.

So the faculty can intervene when necessary, the study group leaders also report to Professor Susannah Pollvogt, Director of Academic Success and Bar Passage, throughout the semester about students who are struggling to learn or who are not able to complete their group work. If you have any questions about the Academic Success Program, please contact Professor Pollvogt by e-mail at

Congratulations once more on your past achievements, and here's to a bright future through academic success in law school!